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Stop consuming shark fin soup

If you care about the consumption of almost extinct foods, you should definitely read the op-ed by Jonathan Gold in last week's LA Times.. It should be obvious that Chinese people everywhere should stop consuming shark fin soup. I've had it a few times. The last time came in 2004 when I was in Palo Alto for the wedding reception of a second cousin. It's something I would never order, though not due to a higher moral fiber, but mostly due to an ever thinning wallet. Sharks fin is expensive shit, if you didn't know. To eat it is a sign of status. And my second cousin's...

Dinosaur Barbecue Review: Get ribs if you go to Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is probably the one thing that's an easy bet to be overrated. Since it's a transplant from Syracuse, there's lots of 'Cuse alumni in the city that love to talk about how awesome Dinosaur BBQ is. That's the thing, New York City is pretty big and we've got a few fairly serious 'cue joints. And it's not always the best to trust someone's opinion on what is the best food if that person also belongs on a meal plan. When I first got out of the ripoff that is college (don't ever go to that private university in the village that's not an Ivy), I...