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Lines and more lines at Le Fooding

What's the going rate for a handjob these days? What? That's no way to open a post for a food blog? Yea whatever. But before we get to all of this, in the interest of full-disclosure, I will say that I tried to get a press pass for this event called Le Fooding but was denied. I was however, able to score a ticket on the black market. So while all the other coverage out there might have glitzy pictures that's actually not-blurry, I can only offer some blurry pictures and talk about whether an event like this is worth $50 or $80, depending on your ticket....

Macao Trading Co. Review: Brunch at Macao Trading Company

It's really great when someone takes a spin on a tradition, and makes it into something new that's also great. The main problem with food that want to just use ingredients in Asian cooking is that they emphasize it too much while using French or Western cooking techniques. Yea, you want to use some soy sauce or ginger. Great. Just don't make a big deal out of it, because if you do, people really try to focus on what you're trying to make and you're caught between "respecting" the old style and making something new and delicious. When I saw scallion pancakes with smoked salmon on the...

Golden Unicorn Review: Top reasons to not take a date to eat dim sum at Golden Unicorn

Last night I googled for some story and the third link on the result page was from the HuffPo. What was on that HuffPo page? A twenty-five word blurb about the story at NYTimes. On the result page, the NYTimes page for the story was the fifth link, two below the new AOL entity. I've heard that at HuffPo, since they get so much traffic, they can real-time test post titles and utilize a/b testing to figure out which one people click on more. Then the more popular one becomes the permanent one. And thus, useless page at HuffPo that just links to NYTimes, where the story...