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Food in Mouth

Pork Slope Review: Pork Slope Fail

I think the main thing that Big Brother needs to teach in schools how to learn. The second thing would be how to deal with failure. For example, if you ever watch a press conference with one of the Williams sisters after they lose a tennis match, it's always on the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing), "I didn't play well, and that's why she won." It's never framed like "My opponent played better than me by exploiting my weaknesses." That's what all great athletes do. They brush it off, they move on. That doesn't really happen when there's bad coverage of restaurants. Usually the chefs and restauranteurs...

Eating leftovers and musings of a misogynist

Leftovers are a big part of my life. Usually they represent an opportunity for me to eat my roommates food that they don't want anymore. There have been many times when my roommate's like, "I won't be here this weekend, you should eat that." And there's been many times when my sister's like, "That's mine, don't touch it." And I eat it anyway. It's kind of a problem. I also found out this year that it's not a global phenomenon. The whole idea of a doggy bag? Doesn't exist in France. Good thing I live in New York! The leftovers you see in the picture is bibimbap...

Sitka & Spruce Review: Getting the right size and price

You ever do this thing where you enjoy a meal, think it's OK on the price, then later on when you think back, you realize they gave you an order of something in the larger size (more expensive). This probably doesn't happen to someone who's not a cheap Chink. In fact, I was happy with the meal at Sitka and Spruce in Seattle. The one thought I had which was incorrect was that they gave you a lot of food. What actually happened was I thought I ordered the appetizer portion and they gave the entree portion, and that's the real reason it felt like a lot...