Butter Lane Review: Cupcakes are better than pies

Butter Lane Review: Cupcakes are better than pies

Watching the professional basketball industry is sometimes like watching the food industry. A few weeks ago NYTimes wrote about how it’s time for the pie! Move over cupcake, y’all is done! I can’t tell you how often you hear that in sports. Are Kobe’s knees too old? Are the Celtics too decrepit to be serious contenders again this year? Is Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA? The answers to those questions in order are: not yet, almost too decrepit, and KD is top 5 for sure. But prognostication means that you gotta be the first to talk about something, and that’s how you start a trend. If indeed pies do overtake cupcakes, at some point someone would be like, “NYTimes was right all along!” And if you’re the first guy to say Kevin Durant is awesome and can lead his team to a championship, then when the Thunder go deep in the playoffs, you’re a genius. But hey, pies are not going to sustain this long enough to be a take-over, and KD ain’t the best player in the NBA yet.

Look, I love pies and all. They’re neat. They come in circles or semi-triangles depending on whether you get a whole pie or a slice. But they’re expensive compared to cupcakes. Even if you get a cupcake that’s in the upper echelon of the price scale at Butter Lane, $3, it’s still cheaper than any pie you’re gonna get in New York City. See it’s just like the basketball analogy. Kevin Durant might be really really awesome, but guess what, Lebron James is still more awesome.

I find Butter Lane’s cake to be soft, spongy, and dry. They are a little better than the cupcake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I can’t comment on the sweetness because it was fine to me. I also happen to like sweetness in my cupcakes more than just about anyone in the world. I still have yet to have a cupcake that is cloying. Seriously. For example I’ve had Magnolia’s on many different occasions. On some they were free because of some office party and on others I had to pay. They were always tastier when they were free. Sorry, just works that way. I also wonder what some people do when they’re eating M&M’s. Is it like, oh one or two and it’s fine and dandy but at like five, it’s fucking cloying. Ah, stop the cloyingness! It’s killing me!!! I’m not sure. Cupcakes in general are not too sweet for me.

So I guess the point of this post is to say that pies are not overtaking the city. They never will overtake the city until it becomes easier to construct and make pies, thus reducing the overhead costs of pie production. Because the cheapest pies in the city are at least five dollars. While the expensive cupcakes are only three dollars. Gotta do the math here. Pies can never win. This is unlike the sports analogy though, because at some point KD will be the greatest player in his generation. It’s only a matter of time. I would like to say the same for pies, but no way jose.

Butter Lane123 East 7th Street.New York, NY 10009212-677-2880

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