Double Crispy Bakery Review: Double Crispy Bakery and average NBA shooting guards

Double Crispy Bakery Review: Double Crispy Bakery and average NBA shooting guards

Sometimes when you have a blog that mostly attracts people with pictures, you run into a problem when the pictures are kinda dull. Today for instance, the pictures have this weird blue hue that I didn’t have the energy to correct in photoshop. They also need more saturation, but whatever. What do you do when this happens? Um… I can not talk about the food and just blabber on about random things instead. Sounds good?! OK! Hi there! Ah.. dogs. Oh but before I get into randomness, let’s talk about Double Crispy Bakery. Specifically let’s talk about their Macau style egg tarts. I’ve only had that and their pork buns, so don’t take this as a recommendation for all the baked goods here. We’re only talking about egg tarts, and the Macau style ones.

Wikipedia can share some info on a Macau style egg tart. Sometimes it’s refered to as Portuguese style because there’s a Portuguese custard pastry called ‘pastel de nata’ that’s kind of like the Chinese egg tarts. Portuguese style often have burn marks scattered on the surface of the custard. You might be wondering how Portugal and Macau are related… well it’s because the Portuguese used to have a presence in Macau. Gotta love how the western man holds down the eastern man. Booo… I mean uh, thank goodness for delicious egg tarts.

Most places in Chinatown in Manhattan don’t offer Macau/Portuguese style egg tarts. I’ve seen it at Egg Custard King but that’s about it. So what’s the reason for getting these instead of regular egg tarts? The Macau style egg tart at Double Crispy Bakery seems creamier than most egg tarts. Maybe they under cook it, or use some different recipe, who knows? But if you eat lots of egg tarts from different bakeries, you start to notice a lot of them either suck or taste the same. As for the crust, some places prefer the shortbread like crust, and others prefer a greasier flaky crust. Double Crispy goes for the flaky crust and it pairs well with the creamy filling. At $0.90 a pop, they’re a good deal. Remember though, prices in Chinatown often changes without notice so when you go it might be like a $1. No biggie though. Hopefully it won’t be like Hon Cafe, who had cakes for $8 that went up to $10 and $12 after it appeared on Serious Eats. So yea, make sure you don’t tell big bloggers to go here. I like my egg tarts in the sub-$1 range, thank you very much.

The NBA playoffs finally ended, and I was thinking about restaurants and NBA players. Here in New York, restaurants get all bent up about the NYTimes four star rating system. People complain that you can’t compare all the three star places or all the two star places because some of them are just different. I think chefs get worked up over nothing. For the fans of the NBA, it’s pretty easy to kind of understand who ends up on the NBA All First Team, and NBA All Second Team. For non-NBA fans, at the end of the season, there are five players who get elected to the 1st team, which is basically like the five best players at their positions during the season. The 2nd team are the next group of five great players. People know who LeBron and Kobe are. Fans though, know that LeBron and Kobe are the best, and then you have some almost there players like Brandon Roy and right after that you have above-average players like Jason Richardson, and then you have the averge NBA shooting guard like Courtney Lee. Now, no matter how good you are, and how good people think you are… you can always have moments of occassional briliance. I would say Double Crispy Bakery is like the Courtney Lee of bakeries. It’s solid, not flashy, and it does a few things right. Of course not everyone can agree that Courtney Lee is the average NBA shooting guard, or that Double Crispy Bakery has a good Macau style egg tart, but that’s ok. You can go find another shooting guard somewhere else.

Double Crispy Bakery230 Grand Street.New York, NY 10013212-966-6929

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