Filet o Fish is buy one get one free now

Filet o Fish is buy one get one free now

Filet o Fish is back! That’s right, better than ever. Actually that’s not true. Since it’s McDonald’s, it’s probably same as before because they’re robotic and precise like that. I’m not sure what inflation was last year, but if it was like 4% the way it was during the awesome times, I would bet the sandwich gets 4% smaller. But seeing as inflation isn’t doing much lately, I’m going to assume the 2012 incarnation of Filet o Fish is exactly like last year’s. In the New York City the deal we get is buy one get one free. At the one nearest to me, that came out to $4.13 tax-included. And if you use a points credit card that values points at around a penny per point and one dollar = one point, the deal is even better because then it’s $4.09. Do I count every single penny. Hell fucking yes. Let me tell you more about the buy one get one free deal.

As per the name suggests of buy one get one free, you buy one filet o fish ($3.79 pre-tax), gets you a second sandwich. OR you could get fries for free. Since I value filet o fish at a higher rate than french fries, I picked the second sandwich. Now, if you subscribe to palate fatigue, you should get french fries.

The thing about eating McDonald’s is this… you can’t get away from the fact that it’s fast food. It’s two pillow-y buns, and in between them is highly processed American cheese with a fried fish thing and some highly processed tarter sauce. It’s like that Chris Rock bit where he talks about watching that prison show, and some dude in the show said he doesn’t want the dudes who lick his asshole to use jelly because otherwise they can imagine they’re not licking assholes. Same deal here.

As much as I enjoy McDonald’s, I can’t help but feel sad when I eat it. To truly enjoy McDonald’s, at least in my opinion, you cannot hold back. You gotta eat until your belly is ready to pop. This however, will probably make you anus feel like Niagra Falls in a few hours. I’m just sayin’ and you all know it be true as hell. The other problem is that you feel like this enjoyment is only do-able because it’s so cheap. I mean, where else am I going to get to fill up for $4.13 that’s not in Chinatown? Do I want to be eating a better sandwich? Debatable. But there’s plenty of people who can’t choose whether or not to eat a better sandwich on a regular basis.

It’s easy to think if one could win the lottery then OK, every sandwich will come from No 7 Sub. Yea $andwiches that cost are baller. I mean, Filet o Fish is 33% less of a deal in 2012 than in 2011 since last year it was just $3.25 because it was 2 for $3. Meanwhile this year it’s buy one get one free, which translates to 2 for $4.13. And no, inflation was 33% last year. Not even close Ronald McDonald.

And that’s the thing, for regular people like me, it’s not about choices at all. The only reason I have ever eaten at No. 7 Sub is because I have a blog that sometimes talks about food (but not at more, suckers!) There is no choice at all besides fast food. That’s the depressing part about eating McDonald’s. I literally walked into a grocery store looking to stuff my face on some junk food even more after eating two filet o fish. The only thing that stopped me? Another two-for-one deal. The shitty thing is that some grocery stores enforce two-for-one deal where you must buy two. Fuck you Food Emporium. Fuck you Duane Reade.

There’s two aspects about feeling middle class that I’ve learned since turning 30. One is about choices. One is about the feeling of security. With regards to choices… even with the supposed choice paradox, having very few choices can feel limiting and restrictive. I’ll talk about the feeling of security tomorrow, as I write about the most expensive meal of my life. Stay tuned bitches because the pictures look outrageously good compared to the pictures of filet o fish.

Posted by Danny on February 28, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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