Haiku of wild dog tacos and new york anime festival

Haiku of wild dog tacos and new york anime festival

I’m on a roll. Two weeks in a row, we have a completely random haiku. It’s lovely, ain’t it? Lately I just don’t feel very poetic on Sundays. This Sunday the fridge was graced with the line, “I want more wild dog tacos.” So you see that it just had to be used! I think that line came from Matt, so big props for saving me some work. What would really help the Sunday Haikus (which now mostly fall on Mondays), is if I could have a lifeline.

This past weekend I wanted to go check out the Maid Cafe at the NY Anime Festival. Yea, that’s right, a maid cafe, where the waitresses and waiters dress up as maids and butlers. If you’ve never been to an anime convention before (and I hadn’t until this past Saturday)… I highly suggest it at least once in your life. I also went to the NY Comic Con this year, and that one would work too. But if you get a chance to attend a convention where all the people are super duper diehards… it’s pretty intense. If you think foodies are nuts, this is like foodies who are nuts, and wear costumes. Pretty great if you think about it.

And during my time at the Anime Fest, I also this two people who dressed up as Doraemon. I totally forgot about Doraemon but it was like the most important cartoon of my childhood. Too bad I suffer from long term memory loss and can’t recount any memorable episodes. Any one out there know Doaremon too?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend all day at the Anime Festival and the Maid Cafe wasn’t up and running by the time I had to leave. Having left without hearing a maid call me “Master”, the only possible solution was to seek out something soft and sweet. A chocolate tort from Sullivan St Bakery (you know, the one run by Jim Lahey.

If you’re wondering what it tasted like, the closest approximation would a brownie. Soft and chocolatey, it was just what my stomach needed. And that was actually followed by some Piece of Chicken wings. Mmmmmm… dessert before fried chicken. My stomach was happy. I highly recommend this combo if you’re ever in that area of town.

Anyway, mini announcement that I’m taking a week off from blogging. This week you’ll get three guest posts from two different friends. Hopefully this week I can focus on some of the backend work for the blog. You’ve no doubt noticed that most blogs have tagging and it’s something that I really need. I also want to add some google maps on here so we’ll see how difficult that is. And yesterday the blog turned one-year-old. Maybe in year-two, I can do some new things, stop being illiterate, and try to take more pictures. See you in a week!

Posted by Danny on September 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

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