Jerk Pan truck Review: Jerk Pan truck and big skinned chickens

Jerk Pan truck Review: Jerk Pan truck and big skinned chickens

Do you ever work inside of a coffee shop or a cafe sometime? And then someone approaches you with a lost puppy look and asks, “Are you connected to the internet right now?” Man. I hate it. Usually here I violate a personal rule, and pretend that none of the perfectly sounding English words make any sense. Then there’s usually after my feigned lack of understanding, a follow up question comes, “You know, the internet. The Wifi.” Yes person, I know what you mean. Pero, yo no hablo ingles. The thing is, you look like a deer in headlights and I’m… too busy procrastinating to help you figure out why you can’t connect to the wifi. The truth is that I also get a deer in headlights look, because I’m wondering, “wait, this person’s been reading over my shoulder and saw that I opened seven tabs worth of food blogs?!” This is New York, and if you come to me lost and you don’t know where the F train goes, I’ll tell you. You wanna know why your network card can’t connect to the router? Naw, go home and use your internet there. Can’t we just return to the simple times? Where I can just do whatever and eat my street cart food in front of a financial behemoth that was once bailed out by TARP? Why, that time was this week! There’s a building for JP Morgan Chase on Park between 47th and 48th, and it’s sandwiched by the Steak Truck and the Jerk Pan truck. After I finished eating the chicken and lamb rice combo, I noticed the Jerk Pan truck and knew that a double lunch was in order. Good thing for me that Jerk Pan serves a small ‘lunch special’ serving for just $6.50 as opposed to their normal servings, which are all around $10.

For $6.50 the little Styrofoam box actually packs a lot of food. It would probably satiate most normal folks. Maybe not people like me, who have seventeen pounds to lose. But normal folks would probably enjoy the lunch special at Jerk Pan. The meat is slightly smokey and packs a tiny bit of heat. Nothing that would bother those who don’t like spicy food. They chop up the dark meat for you and I found myself trying to clean off each piece of bone to make sure I got all of the meat. As with many other types of tasty chicken dishes, there definitely could have been more skin. Skin = good. Too bad they can’t genetically create chicken with like a lot of skin that just grows out of the side of chickens. You figure that science could get us to the moon, but it can’t get us a chicken with more skin? They figured out how to get bigger breasts in humans, I mean chickens, and they can’t do the skin?!?! come on!!!! Conspiracy I say.

The Jerk Pan truck is already Midtown Lunch approved. It has a sticker and everything. So if you don’t trust the words that’re coming out of my mouth, trust Zach’s. Or at the very least, please don’t pretend you don’t understand my English.

Jerk Pan truck48th st and Park ave.New York, NY 10017

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