Luke's Lobster UWS Review: Luke's Lobster has a great shrimp roll

Luke's Lobster UWS Review: Luke's Lobster has a great shrimp roll

I’m glad that Luke’s Lobster has an outpost on the Upper West Side now. It’s much easier than going all the way to first ave in the village just to get a lobster roll. Convenience really goes a long way in how I choose to eat. Most of the time, I figure out what to do on the weekends first, then try to think about what to eat in the area. Usually that leaves me with nothing, since I can’t think fast enough and am too indecisive. Last month we were in the mood of something summery, and lobster rolls sounded like a good idea. I’m glad that there’s now affordable lobster rolls with Luke’s and Red Hook Lobster Pound in the city. In the past, you had to go to a seafood restaurant like Pearl’s or something, and get a M.P. lobster roll. That market price is usually around $30 dollars. At Luke’s in the UWS it’s $16. Big price difference there, and it’s not hidden behind some random shit like market price.

While the lobster roll at Luke’s is a good deal for lobster, you really should make it a combo. The math is simple. Lobster roll is $16 dollars. For two more dollars you get a pop and an individual-sized bag of chips. The soda is Maine’s Root and the chips are from Miss Vickies. Both respected brands in their own right, and a pretty good deal to add to the sandwich. For $18, the lobster schooner (their word for combo), makes it the thing to get. For the soda pops, the blueberry one is especially tasty.

The lobster roll at the UWS location of Luke’s Lobster is just like they are at the original. They’re pure, unfussy, and very delicious. It’s a lightly dressed lobster roll and it satisfies any lobster craving for not a lot of money. I did hear about how some people thought their shrimp roll was a great deal at $10 dollars.

Lovers of shrimp would enjoy the shrimp roll at Luke’s Lobster. Like it’s lobster counterpart, the shrimp roll is also simply prepared. They load on the little shrimp into the buttered roll and it’s probably one of the best sea food sandwiches in the entire city for the price. Seriously, find me another $8 dollar sea food sandwich that’s this fresh and has this much filling. I know there are carts that do fried fish sandwiches for cheap, but I guess the difference is the quality of the seafood. It’s pretty good at Luke’s.

Of course I’m not an idiot, not going to sit here and tell everyone to go buy a $16 dollar sandwich. While it’s a good deal for a lobster roll, it’s still $16 dollars. Most likely, I would recommend people get at least one per summer. It’s just such a nice summery thing to have. Given the price you probably can’t eat this every day, which is a shame because lobster is fucking delicious.

Lately I haven’t felt much desire to work. Mostly I want to watch TV shows. Anyone out there started watching Ludo Bites America? It’s actually pretty good. It’s on the Sundance channel and comes on at Tuesday nights. That guy, Ludo Lefebvre, is one entertaining character. His accent is hilarious too. Although if he were to say it, I bet it’ll sound like, “ee-lariooous” because French people have troubles with the ‘H’ sound. It’s awesome. I also watched some episodes of Suits on USA, although I never saw the pilot. It’s pretty good and much like White Collar, except for lawyers as main characters. Learning some new fictional character names will be great since this will undoubtedly help me to name my fantasy basketball team with USA character names for the whole season. Last year some of my team names included Neal Caffrey’s Anklet and Evan R Lawson, CFO. Yup, I love mindless television shows. Now, if they could only end the NBA work stoppage so that I can play fantasy basketball again…

Luke’s Lobster UWS426 Amsterdam Ave.New York, NY 10024212-877-8800

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