Seoul Station Review: Tacos and Sesame Street and Frank Bruni

Seoul Station Review: Tacos and Sesame Street and Frank Bruni

Guess what I had last week! Tacos! How surprising, right? These days I’m a taco fiend. Steph was willing to be dragged to East Village just so I can try these new-ish Korean tacos. We went to look for these things twice. The first time we walked from 2nd avenue to 3rd avenue, and didn’t see it. So I decided to give up easily and ask Steph to take me home. The second time, she smartly looked up the address beforehand, and we walked to 1st ave and found the tacos. It makes more sense to walk in the right direction. When we finally reached Seoul Station we tried one pork and one beef taco.

You might have already read about these tacos on SE:NY or Village Voice. Both of those reviews said the spicy pork taco was better. The difference in the pork and beef taco is that the pork taco is bolder and it blitzes your tongue with fiery goodness. I thought the tortilla they used was different than the usual ones you find at taco trucks or taco hole-in-the-walls. The difference isn’t one that’s a deal breaker, but it’s notable. The bulgogi/beef taco was enjoyable too. They had some green sauce/salsa on top. More of a puree than a salsa, the green stuff on top mixed well with the bulgogi. At $2.50 per taco, these are average and passable items. It’s nice to see what the whole korean taco is all about, but I still prefer the more common meats at Tacos Nuevos Mexico in my hood.

Since the other pictures turned out blurry, I decided to add this picture from Madison Square Park. It’s a shot of people filming Sesame Street. You might think this doesn’t have to do with food, but it actually does. The woman and the orange, fuzzy puppet were talking about food (I think). The fuzzy thing asked the woman about the letter W and the woman pulled out some watermelon. Then the fuzzy thing asked about the letter J and she pulled out some jam. See I told you, it’s about food. But since the fuzzy guy holy holds the food for one second before handing it off to a producer, I was unable to get a shot of the Sesame Street animal holding food. The most interesting thing about watching them film Sesame Street is that two people are under the hood of the muppet. One does the head and left arm, while the other person controls the right arm. When they’re done, they throw the muppet into a black bag unceremoniously.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the news that New York Times announced Frank Bruni would stop doing restaurant reviews at the end of August. We’ve seen countless number of bloggers get book deals in recent years, and time is ripe for the Times to pick a top notch blogger to hold down the fort. Right now, blogging is something that’s the butt of jokes even amongst bloggers. My friend Eric made fun of me the first time I used the world ‘blogosphere.’ Yes, funny. But I bet you no one at Seattle Post Intelligencer or Rocky Mountain News laughs about the blogosphere because Craigslist ate their lunch and socked them in the eye. Last month it was reported that perhaps the Boston Globe might not have much time left either [NYTimes]. Basically bloggers are here to stay.

While the NYTimes and traditional journalism is like the NBA, the blogosphere is kind of like The Spanish League in basketball. Of course everyone knows you find top notch stuff in the NBA, as you do at print places like NYTimes. But you can find quality people in other places too. I thought it was cool when the Times first picked Bruni, because that’s like tapping into your own NBDL league for talent. But you don’t always gotta go to the NBDL, in fact in the NBA, they’re more likely to go to Europe for top talent. I think it would be big for food blogging if they picked a someone from our ranks. But they shouldn’t pick someone like Julie Powell. She’s a former food blogger who’s having her book turned into a movie that stars Maryll Streep. She shat on food bloggers recently, and you can see that on Eater. But I got news for Ms. Powell. I’m the Kenyon Martin of food bloggers, and bitch, you need to stop fronting. I’m serious. Oh and this paragraph would have made zero sense if you don’t know a thing about the NBA, NBDL, or Kenyon Martin and the 2009 NBA playoffs. Oh well.

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