Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck Review: Vinny Vincenz pizza truck and stupid dbags

Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck Review: Vinny Vincenz pizza truck and stupid dbags

After seeing Jonathan’s post last week, I really wanted pizza. Last time I had pizza, it was at Artichoke with Steph. We tried their Sicilian slice and it was a mighty fine slice. Never have Sicilian slices caught my attention, but for the time being, I prefer those to regular slices. Also last week, there was a post about the Vinny Vincenz pizza truck on Midtown Lunch. Of course this meant that I had to try the Sicilian slice at the Vinny Vincenz pizza truck. They’re parked in various locations in Manhattan and there’s one by Union Square. When I walked by yesterday, the special of the day was two Sicilian slices for $4. Perfect! I plopped down four dollars and gave it a shot.

When I had my first Sicilian slice at Artichoke, I was really satisfied with taste, and also because it was a filling slice. One slice at Artichoke is good enough to be a meal. This should be deterred me from ordering two slices at Vinny Vincenz, but it didn’t. Can’t stop a fatty yo. As it turned out though, two slices at Vinny Vincenz did not equal a meal. It left me wishing for more filling slices.

Sicilian slices remind me of the Pizza Hut pan style pizza. I used to eat that a lot a kid, but these days? Not so much. Somewhere along the lines, I started to prefer thin crust instead. In New York, thin slices are the rule, not the exception. So for the most part my pizza experience has been with thin crust. The Artichoke Sicilian slice reminded me that my thick crust love was only dormant and could be resuscitated.

Vinny Vincenz Sicilian slice had a balanced sauce that wasn’t too tart or sweet. I really liked that aspect of the slice. It feel short because the crust didn’t provide the kind of crunch that Artichoke’s had. Maybe one implementation is more correct than another, but I know that I prefer a Sicilian slice with a crunchy crust. Without a crunchy bottom crust, each bite is just soft and doughy. It just… could be better. But at $2 dollar per slice yesterday, I couldn’t complain too much. And of course, anything from a food truck gets novelty points in my book.

So the NBA Finals start this Thursday. The Los Angeles Lakers will be matched up against the Orlando Magic. All throughout the playoffs they’ve been playing this really annoy ad by Dos Equis. It’s called the Most Interesting Man in the World. Check it out on Youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about. This commercial though, is getting super super old. They keep playing it. There are variations like the douchebag will talk about the Two Party System, then hold up a Dos Equis and say “The afterparty is where you want to be.” And I just want to say to him, “Your eye socket is where my fist wants to be. Now, shut the fuck up already and go retire in Florida.” Clearly I have anger management issues when it comes to d-bags.

Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck1 Union Square W.New York, NY 10003

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