67 Burger Review: 67 Burger is a good meal

67 Burger Review: 67 Burger is a good meal

I used to have this thing about finishing everything on my plate. Not sure when it really started but it goes something like this, “Some people can’t find enough food to eat and you’re gonna throw it away? You prick. Finish him! (btw, only the first 30 seconds of that video is relevant.. ) But that was before I started Food in Mouth and eating like Britney Spears post-pregnancy. So when Pat and I were at 67 Burger, it pained me to walk away from half a basket of sweet potato fries. We had to choose, finish the burger or finish the fries.

67 Burger came up again on my radar after the Times mentioned it in their $25 and under section. Prior to that, it was featured on A Hamburger Today (AHT). Since it’s in the hood, I had to go check it out.

I only look for two different options at burger places: plain cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger. 67 Burger has a plain for $7 and a bacon cheeseburger for $8.75. I chose the bacon cheese version but the fries came out first and they were delicious.

In the comments section of the AHT post, someone mentioned that the fries were not salted. Either that was an anomaly or the owner saw the post and corrected the salt situation. Both the sweet potato fries and the curly fries came well-seasoned. The sweet potato fries were really good, but I enjoyed the curly fries more. Yes maybe they’re frozen fries but they reminded me of fries I used to have as a kid. Rally’s. They’re the same company as Checkers and they make my favorite fast food fries. They probably season it with some meth or something like that, it’s highly addictive. Yea, so these curly fries remind me of meth. I mean, Rally’s seasoned fries.

At 67 Burger, they melt the cheese on top of the patty. (You hear that Black Iron Burger? On top of the patty, yo). And the bacon is placed beneath the patty. This was great for a variety of reasons. It let me photograph the cheese and the bacon separately. Weee! (yea so pointless, why even mention this?) The second reason was that it allowed me to eat the burger with bacon or take the bacon off. 67 Burger is generous with their crispy bacon, and I suggest you remove the bacon and eat it with the rabbit food. Look at it this way, it’s a naked BLT. You have letters, tomato, and bacon.. just no bread. See, two sandwiches in one!

Once you finish your appetizer of a naked BLT, you can move onto the main event. As a plain cheese burger, I think 67’s is hard to beat. The patty is aggressively salted which saves you from tasteless meat. The cooks at 67 Burger also get the temperature correctly. The meat was nice and pink and quite juicy. I ran through quite a few napkins and had to constantly dry my fingers switching between bites and taking pictures.

One last thing I love about 67 Burger is the free refills on the pop. Mmmm.. that’s soda or coke to some of you. There’s something awesome about all the high fructose corn syrup that I can drink. Since most foodies shun the fake stuff, there’s just more for me. Here, they even give me all that I can handle. That’s what I call service. Between the fries and the pop and the awesome burger, I was unable to finish all my food. It’s ok though because that just means I have to go more often in the future and practice my ability to finish all my food.

67 Burger67 Lafayette Ave .Brooklyn, NY 11217718-797-7150

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