Des gateaux et du Pain Review: Des Gateaux et du Pain in Paris is awesome

Des gateaux et du Pain Review: Des Gateaux et du Pain in Paris is awesome

Another post about Paris and it’s about pastries again. Try to contain your surprise, please. When I wrote about the pastries at Pierré Herme, I mentioned that we would always try to eat pastries because that’s the thing to do. Steph found Des Gâteaux et du Pain in the 15th arrondissement and it was pretty awesome.

We were pretty impressed with the inside of Des Gâteaux et du Pain because most of the pastries in the store looked really enticing. The store was sleek, much like the ones you might find at Pierré Herme, and if we didn’t have a big lunch planned that day, I probably would had gotten one of the patisseries as well. Can you ever eat too many pastries for breakfast?

In addition to their dessert pastry offerings, they also had plenty of awesome looking bread products. Seriously, the entire row of their baked goods begged to be gobbled up. If I could just perfect the whole throwing up after I eat business, then it would totally make eating on vacation a super duper thing.

We got to Des Gâteaux et du Pain fairly early in the morning and it was just us and one other customer. It was an American dad talking to his son in both French and English. Seriously, I don’t know how Americans who grow up and live here can learn a second language unless it’s forced on them at home. Like they grew up speaking it in the house… those people that just force themselves to pick up another language? Mad props. But anyway, I got a croissant and Steph got something that looked like an apple turnover.

How you know that Des Gâteaux et du Pain got game for miles? Well, if you go to google images right now and search up ‘Apple turnover’, nothing on that first page looks as delicious as the two pictures I have here. So essentially, the internet has not found a better looking apple turnover.

Seriously, do we know how old the internet is? And how long google images has been in existence? The fact that during my summer vacation I took what is currently the best looking apple turnover means a couple of things. 1. Des Gâteaux et du Pain probably makes one of the illest apple turnovers in the world. 2. People don’t post pictures of their apple turnovers because normally it’s not delicious and sexy looking. World, catch up please.

As I said earlier, I got the croissant because when you’re in France, this is like a top two order with the second being a pain chocolat. And damn, what a croissant it was! What I’ve come to realize is that what you want in a croissant is exactly opposite of what you want in a woman. Do you want a woman who is buttery? No, obviously. Do you want a woman who is full of air on the inside? Nope. Do you want a woman who flakes for days? Nah-uh. But if you gather all three of those properties into a croissant, you get something beautiful.

I think the bakers at Des Gâteaux et du Pain figured out that a good woman and a good croissant share inversely related properties, and thus they came up with a pretty balleringly awesome and delicious croissant. Perfectly browned on the outside, with a buttery taste and crisp flakes… Des Gâteaux et du Pain has got a strong pastry game going. I would say this is probably one of the best croissants you can get in Paris. While the 15th arrondissment isn’t like OMG popular, it does contain quite a few winnable hotels from Priceline bid-your-price therefore it’s a good one to keep in your back pocket to visit. Next up will be a fancy meal we had in Paris…

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