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Doughnuts posts on Food in Mouth

I can't figure out how to break down the taste of a donut as it relates to life. Is the satisfaction received due to the doughnut being delicious enough and therefore I enjoy it? What about the intrinsic value of a doughnut? If the doughnut is the jumpshot, then the doughnut maker is either Ray Allen or Reggie Miller? We know the skill can be acquired because no one is born with the holy grail of donut recipes engraved in their grey matter. Even if you suck balls at making fried dough, if you practiced hard enough, you could be the JKidd of doughnut making (for non-NBA...


One thing that's nice about New York is that it's possible to get restaurant-level desserts without going to a restaurant. Dominique Ansel...

Brooklyn posts on Food in Mouth

The long goodbye is always the hardest. And while school happens and time passes, we still have to find ways to pass the time, and to fill our bellies. One thing that I know for sure, no other city in America will have the variety in Thai cuisine or the number of choices for northern Thai just a bus ride away from home. Even though Chiang Mai in Red Hook is still seeking a permanent home, it seems to have already hit its stride...

Chinese posts on Food in Mouth

Last month, one of my favorite podcasts, Planet Money, came out with a story about how and why women computer science majors are so few compared to men, and compared to other sciences or med/law school. It's a super interesting story so I encourage you all to listen to it, but my response to that is...