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Fornino Review: Fornino and my educated mother

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas. That was one of the first things I learned after starting third grade. It's a mnemonic device used for learning the nine planets in our solar system, although now pluto is not a planet anymore. Does this mean in the future, educated mothers won't serve nine pizzas but instead will server nachos? What a sad thought. I'm happy to report that even though I've always remembered the mnemonic device, I have no idea what the nine planets are without looking it up. That is really sad. Inversely correlated with the level of my stupidity is the awesomeness of...

Desserts by mom

I'm still waking up from this food coma. The thing about holiday season is that it's so darn cold and eating keeps you warm. Yes, I've heard about those things called 'sweaters' but come on. Food versus...

Clyde Common Review: Clyde Commons and subcutaneous fat

On Clyde Common's homepage, you are greeted with a pig. Would that not make you giddy as well? I learned about Clyde Commons when NY Times touched on the Portland dining scene last year. I had high expectations for the meal since it was to be the conclusion of what was a fantabulous day. Why was it so great? Because the Los Angeles Lakers lost game 4 of the NBA Finals that day and it was glorious! Glorious I say! Watching basketball is always like this: no matter what happens, what my preferred team overcomes, I always think they will screw it up somehow. Especially if the...

Co Review: Spinach pie at co-pane

The pizza craze in New York gave way to the burger craze. I guess before the pizza mania there was the cupcakes thing, and somewhere along the lines was also a banh mi thing. The thing is that even after all the frenzy dies down, the restaurants or bakeries are still there, still doing good business. There was a time when everyone wanted to line up for Co, and people talked about how Jean-Georges could be spotted in the dining room eating pizza. That seemed like centuries ago, even though it was just in early Spring of 2009. One thing I remember well about Frank Bruni's review...