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Bar Boulud Review: Bar Boulud and waffles

True story. I wanted to talk about the Michelle Obama quote about how she's proud of her country for the first time, so obviously I went to google. And most of the time I like to look at the headlines to make sure it actually is a result that captures what I want. It looked sorta like it so I clicked on it. Then, I realized something catastrophic had occurred. I was on the FoxNews website. You know, all this talk about data mining at Google and all there impressively smart computer science majors (and yes I was a CS major, and yes I'm impressed by their...

Eating street food in Taipei

The truth is, writing this blog has become a chore! Yet I find myself back here time after time, still writing about food that occurred around four months ago. Homework has made me weary and now I just dream about the summer vacation that Steph and I had and about how much vacation rocks. As promised in the post about awesome mochi, here's a mostly photo post about street night market eats in Taipei. As kids were saying a few years ago, this shiznit was the bomb dot com. Affordable street food is a way of life the way fast food is here in the United States....

Doughnut Plant Chelsea Review: Eating lots of donuts is good

Sometimes I wish for a better balance between anecdotes and data. For a while in October, my phone was dying a slow death after three years of Windows Mobile, and I didn't listen to Radio Lab for a while. This week I caught up on it and was amazed by their storytelling abilities. There was one episode on Inheritance and in that episode was a segment about a meth addict woman who had at least eight children, and she abandoned each one at the hospital after birth. The story was about whether or not the kids inherited any bad effects by starting out with such unfortunate circumstances....

Why I am voting for Obama

The second presidential debate is tonight and I just want to reiterate that it's a better idea to vote for Obama. I'm voting for Obama. Let me tell you why (and if you don't care, just leave. See if I care). I've already said that I'm about the Most average worker you can find in the web development industry. Proud of it, motherfuckers. I don't care. But I think there's still confusion on the part of the American public, especially in the 'battleground states' where votes think one candidate may be better than another candidate in terms of producing jobs. Have a look at this video on...

Restaurant Guide for New York City by Food in Mouth

Reset search 66 S 2nd StBrooklyn, NY 1 review 58 East First StNew York, NY 2 reviews 1912 N Western AveChicago, IL 1 review 30 Hudson StNew York, NY 6 reviews 143 W 29th StNew York, NY 2 reviews 18 E. 41st StNew York, NY 1 review 414 E 9th StNew York, NY 1 review 230 E 9th StNew York, NY 3 reviews 16 E. 41st Street New York, NY 1 review 61 Delancey StNew York, NY 2 reviews 435 Hudson StNew York, NY 1 review 231 Eldridge StNew York, NY 3 reviews 25 Bond StBrooklyn, NY 3 reviews 515 Atlantic AveBrooklyn, NY 2 reviews 248 East 52nd StreetNew York, NY 3 reviews 73 Thompson StNew York, NY 1 review 65 4th AveNew York, NY 4 reviews 25 Clinton StNew York, NY 5 reviews 600 11th AveNew York, NY 3 reviews 326 E 6th StNew York,...

Junk food from Japan is the new sex

This week my sister had some extra candy she got from a friend who's visiting from Japan. And that's how I became acquainted with peach flavored Kit Kat bars and giant Pocky. You're probably thinking that peach flavored Kit Kat bars sound really weird and you would be right. I'll get into more details about that later. Do any of you know where to even find something like this in New York? Because even though it was kind of weird, I want to have more of this stuff. The giant Pocky is pretty much what you think it is. Pocky with giant disease. It's quite a bit taller...