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On Restaurants, Dining, Streetfood, and a truthy voice on food blogging

At some point in my tenure in New York, I had a college degree, and voluntarily quit a full-time job from a company that was two acquisitions away from being bought by Google. I had two roommates in a railroad apartment, and my room had no windows. I remember it was around summer time, and I went to the July 4th hot dog eating contest on Coney Island for the first time ever. It was balls hot that year, maybe above 90. After that, I went home and sat alone in this living room and wondered when I had to move out of the city. My idea...

Zuzu Ramen Review: Zuzu Ramen opens in Park Slope

MacLaren's, banh mi's, and ramen. Park Slope now has it all. Two weeks ago it was banh mi in Park Slope. This week it's ramen from Zuzu Ramen. While I was disappointed with my experiences at Hanco's, I was very pleased when after a late dinner at Zuzu Ramen last night. It's about damn time we got some ramen in Park Slope. What, you expect yuppies to go all the way to Manhattan for Japanese noodles? This past weekend they were open for friends and family, and last night they finally opened to the general public. They have some non-noodle things on the menu like vegetable dumplings, pork...

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Review: Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich and sand castles

On 369 Broome St in Manhattan lives the real deal Banh Mi (as far as Manhattan is concerned). The Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich shop is ready to stand up tell all the pretenders to shut up. This is no overpriced and undersized crap like at Hanco's in Park Slope. The Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich shop serves up banh mi sandwiches for $4 bucks and they have a banh mi that's leaps and bounds better than the $7 thing that Hanco's serves. Last week I promised to show you a better place for your taste buds and today I'm delivering. With the Dow Jones Industrial at a twelve year low, it...