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Food in Mouth

Oyster omelet in Sinagpore

One of the snacks I had in Singapore was an oyster omelet. It's an odd snack for some but it comes straight out of the book of low-carb dieters. Don't want to feel full? Oyster omelet is just the thing for you. While my preference is for the kind I grew up with in Taiwan, basically any variation of this theme is generally good when executed in Asia. I've seen this dish twice interpreted twice in a western kitchen on some brunch menu. Both times it was an omelet that Bocuse would be happy about, and then the oysters were fried separately. Folks (all four of you),...

Home cooking and food truck rant

Ok, let's bring the old Danny back. To ask someone relishes in attention to check himself at the door all the while posting three times a week and talking about oneself in the third person is just asking for too much. Danny is gonna let danny be danny so danny can take his talents to the Internets. Wow. I'm having identity issues right now. Even with that, I still must show you some pictures of my lunch this past Sunday. See, I went home for a weekend to Detroit and these pictures were of the lunch I had before coming home. This time, I was actually able...