Best mochi of my life in Taipei

Best mochi of my life in Taipei

After a delightful lunch of niu rou mein, we headed off to see other sights in Taipei with a different uncle. We headed to an area that’s just outside of Taipei called Danshui or Tamsui. Dan shui in mandarin literally translates to fresh water, and the area is located at the mouth of the Danshui river, which opens up to the Taiwan Strait. Along the river, there’s a board walk area that was kind of messed up by the typhoon, but there were still shops opening up when we arrived. It’s an area that’s more bustling at night. After walking around though, we went to get some mochi. These were the only ones we had in Taipei and damn were they not seriously the best mochi I ever had.

You might think, oh yea, this asshole goes back to the mothership after twenty years, and of course the beef noodle soup is the best he ever had and the mochi is the best he ever had, blah blah. Well, Taipei is heaven so STFU. This mochi wasn’t like others. According to the woman who served it to us, this wasn’t made from glutinous rice at all. Apparently we were eating some sort of dairy product that looked like mochi, felt like mochi, and tasted like mochi. Also, this was served cold, which if you know anything about traditional glutinous rice products, taste better not cold…

But we ordered these things and I thought it would just be a few pieces but it comes out in a GIANT blob. Literally, it was a blob. Then the server lady showed us how to cut it up with chop sticks and mix it with the powder.

We tried both the peanut and the black sesame powder versions. Both awesome. So when I tell you it was the best I ever had, it was true because really it was the first mochi of this type that I ever had, and it was great, thus the best ever. Now if you want me to tell you what the name of this place is or where it is located, I’m afraid I have no idea… That was another great part of the trip, to have my uncles take us around everywhere. It was super nice of them and either super delicious food is everywhere in Taipei or they just know where to go. I think probably a little of both, but man.. that mochi was stellar. I want that again. Next up on this endless stream of vacation posts is Taipei street food…

Posted by Danny on October 3, 2013 at 2:29 pm

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