Bowery Diner Review: Burgers at Bowery Diner

Bowery Diner Review: Burgers at Bowery Diner

” I work long hours, I have a dog and a wife. There’s not a lot of available time for consuming any culture: TV, movies, books. When I read, it’s generally magazines, newspapers and Web sites.” I saw that quote today. It’s interesting to me because it’s a quote from a highly successful person. It seem to mean that having success results in not watching cheesy shows on USA (Suits! White Collar!) or following more critically acclaimed stuff like Game of Thrones and Girls on HBO. Life without Neal Caffrey and Mike Ross is no life of mine. Although it probably is one where your building doesn’t smell like rice and onions all the time and where you don’t have to worry about potential corporate downsizing at your job. Lately I’ve been looking into finding another more stable job and man, that shit takes a lot of time. Interesting to know that 40% of those unemployed take at least 27 weeks to find a new job. Looking for a job is like a part-time job. I suppose that’s why most people like to own their own thing and be their own boss. When Steph and I went to eat at the Bowery Diner a while ago, the boss man of the operation (Mathieu Palombino) was there. I have to say, the burgers at Bowery Diner are as wholesome as you’d expect from a nice American Diner, even if it’s one that’s opened by a Belgium guy.

On Scribd there’s a copy of the opening day menu. It didn’t have their signature Bowery Diner Pastrmi Burger on there. What’s of more interest though, is that then Hamburger Deluxe was $14 with French fries. If you go to Bowery Diner’s dinner menu currently, it shows the Hamburger Deluxe at $12 with French fries. You rarely see prices drop over the course of time, but it happened at Bowery Diner. It’s a welcoming change I think, It’s like when you go to the gym hoping to play full court pickup ball, only to realize you’re more suited for half court three-on-three. So their clientele isn’t cool with the $14 burger, but at $12 dollars, it’s amazeballs.

What’s even better for deal lovers is that if you go for lunch, the French fries are an optional $3 dollar add-on, and you can do without it. For example, this awesome Bowery Diner Pastrami Burger is great at just $9 dollars. Cheap fucks like myself might too quickly shut the wallet at the idea of a $9 burger, however it is a meal on its own. You can do without the fries and still feel sated. If you do opt for the fries though, know that it’s a good move. They’re fried perfectly and delicious. If you seek fiber, the mesclun is also $3, but if you’re already eating beef, just get the fries.

Bowery Diner allows for interesting toppings on their burgers besides the usual things like cheese and bacon ($2). For a Korean twist, you can opt for kimchi ($1), or if you want to go French, there’s duck confit ($3). The cheeseburger deluxe is either $9 alone or $12 with fries (but $13 with fries at dinner). Like I said earlier, it’s a complete meal. Dining in the Lower East Side for just $12 or $13 is a steal if you can walk away belly bursting.

I’m still not any closer to find a new job, and definitely won’t be opening up my own shop of any kind. But it’s nice to see there’s restaurant owners out there who adapt to what is necessary (even if it means lowering prices) and delivery on quality products. It’s something for me to keep in mind personally.

Bowery Diner241 Bowery.New York, NY 10002212-388-0052

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