C & L Dumpling House Review: Dumplings dumplings everywhere and not a bite uneaten

C & L Dumpling House Review: Dumplings dumplings everywhere and not a bite uneaten


Today I read about someone drinking too much haterade against cupcakes. It’s really weird how haterade develops. It seems that sometimes people just drink haterade against hype. At some point, it stops being about the product and it’s just hate against the hype and the popularity. Take my friend Jeremy for example – he hates Shake Shack because it’s a burger and no burger deserves an hour wait. But I maintain that if he could taste the Shake Shack burger in his favorite bar, and with minimal wait, he would declare it the best burger ever. So he doesn’t actually hate the burger, he hates how much hype it gets, and that people are willing to line up for something like that. I think that kinda is the same thing with Magnolias cupcakes. Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve had one from there because it’s out of the way and the line is not worth it. Since we’re talking about fads and hype, I wonder if dumplings will catch on as a fad. Yesterday I noticed a new dumpling place open up in Chinatown.


The great thing about dumplings is that they’re cheap. Even with recent prices increases at popular dumpling spots, four dumplings for $1 is still a steal. With our impending 10% unemployment in the horizon, it’s a good idea to eat frugally.

C&L Dumpling House on Chrystie St probably opened this past weekend. When I was there, they were still fixing stuff up. A couple of contractors were still there trying to mount a paper towel dispenser next to a sink behind the counter. The menu was pretty simple during my visit, but who knows, maybe it’ll expand later. But they had dumplings, boiled and fried, with chives or cabbage Wonton soup, hot and sour, and some random stuff I forgot. Sorry, bad blogger.

I got boiled dumplings with leeks at eight pieces for $2 dollars. The dumpling wrapper tastes handmade. You can tell when a dumpling wrapper is made from a machine when it’s impossibly smooth and thin. There’s some unevenness when it comes to homemade dumpling wrappers.

If I had to compare these dumplings to cupcakes, these would be like Crumbs. They’re a good choice, above-average, and benefit from good location. Sometimes it’s a pain to cross three blocks to get to Eldrige St and that’s where C&L would come into play.


They also had fried dumplings in a display case and I didn’t want to chance it. Fried dumplings that’s pre-prepared cannot be as good as boiled dumplings that are made to order. So if you order fried ones, make sure they do it up fresh for you. None of that pre-made stuff.

Chinatown could use a few more dumpling places, if you ask me. There can never be too many of these things. Even when they’re bad, they’re good. But of course it’s all tastes and preferences. I like the dumplings from C&L Dumpling House and will probably go back in the future since it’s close to the subway stop.

C & L Dumpling House77 Chrystie St..New York, NY 10002212-219-8850

Posted by Danny on January 5, 2009 at 9:53 pm


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