Cafe Cello Review: Cafe Cello

Cafe Cello Review: Cafe Cello

The guy behind the counter asked me, “Do you want skin?” Am I alive? Do I like oxygen? Do I like comic cons? Or cherry blossoms? Uh, duh! Of course instead of saying that, I just nodded like an idiot and drooled on the counter, but who is counting? When I saw the post on Cafe Cello on Midtown Lunch, I knew it would be love at first bite.

Located on 46th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Cafe Cello is easily accessible for those who work in the heart of midtown. And they are right next to a mini outdoor seating area, therefore you can grab your food to go and enjoy the sun. Unless you want to take pictures, then you see that the sun blows out all your highlights. Booo…

The roast pork or pernil, comes with rice and beans, but I think there are two ways to order the rice + beans part. They keep a tray of rice and beans mixed together, but right after I ordered, the person behind me asked for those things separate. Hmm… that sounded better. The three or four times that I have tried this, it never occurred to me to ask for it separately, but if you go, you definitely should.

Sometimes when you get food from a steam table, you might think it would be dried out since the heat source is constant after initial cooking. This was not an issue with the roast pork. The pork was moist, easy to chew, and went well with the rice. I think the beans were a little dried out but perhaps you can circumvent that issue by getting it separate from the rice.

By far the best part of the meal is the crispy skin! If there is no skin left on the roast pork in the steam try, I would recommend skipping it. If they still have it, I say ask nicely if you can get even more than what they initially give you. The skin is crispy and has a crunch when you bite into it. They could rename the skin to ‘delicious’ as far as I am concerned. “Do you want some delicious on your pork and rice?” Yes of course I do. If you have time to visit Cafe Cello, try the roast pork, and apparently the fried chicken is good also.

Originally I did not mind if my blog was sucky, as long as it remained irreverent and also irrelevant. And usually I like to talk about my friends, for example I wonder if it is possible to incorporate a section of my site to be about “What would Ming do?” But he probably would not like me for that. So today I am going to talk about a subject all New Yorkers love – gentrification! Some really cool sounding beer garden just opened up in the 718 (wait is that right, is the area code for Brooklyn actually 718 now?) And on that gothamist page, some comments are all like, “Boo! gentrification! Boo!!!” The thing I find funny is, the people who are getting priced out of their homes due to gentrification… THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT POST COMMENTS ON A BLOG LIKE GOTHAMIST!!! Seriously yo. If you are posting comments on a blog, you are contributing to gentrification because your histerish clothing from Beacon’s Closet is nudging that bodega outta its space.

In other news, Zagat used one of my pictures for one of their Buzz blog entry. See, pretty. If anyone else reading this wants to use my picture, just email me and ask. If anyone ever wants to pay me to take pictures, I promise to undercut any professional photographer in the city. haha. Ok, that is wrong. But… me = costco of photographers. Wow, this is no longer a food blog…

Cafe Cello48 W 46th St.New York , NY 10036212-764-8701

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