Chiyoda Sushi New York Review: Chiyoda and cold udon

Chiyoda Sushi New York Review: Chiyoda and cold udon

When it is a nice summer day in late August, I enjoy nothing more than some refreshing bukkake in the park. Oh no he didn’t! Oh yes I did! And you should stop being so perverted! Goodness gracious. I have some common decency! If you are not well versed in Japanese cuisine, here is a quick lesson that I learned last week. There is the widely known definition and usage of the b-word. We won’t go there. (Edit: Do not look this up at work.) In addition, the b-word is also used to describe dishes served with various toppings liberally sprinkled on top. Perhaps you were disgusted by the opening sentence, and your inner voice screamed, “WTF DANNY!? I WILL STOP READING FOODINMOUTH!” Then you focused purely on the dirty definition and I can’t help you there. Stop thinking like that!

The cold udon dish you see is from Chiyoda. It’s located on 41st street between 5th Ave and Madison. That street is lined with Japanese cuisine goodness. Yagura and Cafe Zaiya are the other two Japanese restaurants on that block. (Do good things all happen in threes?) All three are great choices, but if you want pr0n cold udon noodles? Chiyoda is the place to go.

For $7 dollars, you get a bowl of udon noodles, half of a hard boiled egg, seaweed, bonito flakes, tempura crunchies, soy-based sauce and a long cylindrical fish cake (Chiyoda, WHAT were you THINKING?!?!) I say it’s only a soy-based sauce because it’s not completely salty like normal soy sauce. The sauce is where the ‘splashing’ part comes into play. The fish cake was battered. However, due to the dish being placed in a cold, refrigerated display, the fried fish cake lost all structural integrity. In other words, it was not crispy or crunchy; it was limp. Guess the cold does that to ya.

After you get your groove splash on, you can mix up the udon with the toppings. The dish is actually quite refreshing as a summer time meal. The fried tempura crunchies offer textural contrast for the dish. Just make sure you do not add the crunchies all at once because it will get moist and stop being crunchy. Do it slowly. I mean, you want to add it little by little. And surprisingly, one bowl of udon leaves you pretty satisfied.

I had to save the onigiri for later. At $1.50, it is a perfect mid-afternoon snack. The salmon version is a solid choice. No fishy after taste at all, for those averse to fish. The salmon helps to make the onigiri filling and satisfying.

At $8.50, this lunch and snack was a great deal. If you want to have this for lunch, just be sure to check their bento schedule. They seem to only offer it on Thursdays. After all, not everyday is good for bukkake in the park. Who knew you could even have it in a public park?

Chiyoda Sushi New York16 E. 41st Street .New York, NY 10017212-400-8880

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