Cubana Cafe Review: Cubana Cafe in Park Slope

Cubana Cafe Review: Cubana Cafe in Park Slope

It’s aight. I’m trying to test that out as my new favorite phrase because Steph tells me that my current go-to answer, “I don’t know” just isn’t going to cut it anymore. If for some reason you were frozen through all of the late 90s and early 2000s, those two words mean, “It’s alright” As with all phrases, you can use it in many ways. It could be pretty straight. For example if someone asked me about that new show, How to make it in America, the response would be a straight up “It’s aight.” If someone asked me about one of my new favorite shows, White Collar, I’d respond with an understated “It’s aight” because I don’t want to oversell a show that’s basically a character (Bryce Larkin) from my other favorite show (Chuck), just being a badass. And if someone asked me “Yo, you check out chatroulette?” My answer would be a nervous “It’s aight” because that shit is outta this world. And don’t do that to yourself folks. When it comes to a nice neighborhood place for food, a content and straight forward “It’s aight” is exactly what you want, and Cafe Cubana is just that.

First sign of a good spot in your hood is that you can get seats fairly easy on a lazy weekend afternoon. When more popular options on the main drag has got a thirty minute wait, Cubana Cafe to the rescue. Apparently this Cubana Cafe in Park Slope is the sister restaurant of the one in Carroll Gardens.

One good part of the meal was the free carb they offered at the beginning. Instead of bread, they gave a little plate of fried something. I have no idea what this thing was, but it was thin and super crisp. They topped it with some sort of green magic. The green magic was cilantro, parsley, garlic, and some oil. Not sure what you call that either, but I call it fried stuff with magical green stuff. It’s delicious.

Steph had the Palomilla hanger steak ($8.50). It came with lime and onion and chimichuri sauce. I tried a bite of this and it was really good. The steak was tender and the chimichuri sauce added great flavor to the sandwich.

I had the Ropa vieja ($10). It’s braised beef with sauteed onions, olives, and peppers. It came with rice and beans. I was surprised that the beef wasn’t dried out, as it often is the case when you’re getting braised meat for just ten dollars.

I still have to go back and try their Cuban sandwich, which is $7.50. I have reservations about a Cuban at that price since you can obtain that sandwich for much less at places like Margon in Midtown. Cubana Cafe is the kind of place that’s great for the price in Park Slope. I plan on going back and finding out what else is aight there.

Not related to food: I’m trying to sublet my room in Park Slope. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a room to start March 15 or April 1st, please feel free to email me. danny at foodinmouth. Thank you.

Cubana Cafe80 6th Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11217718-398-9818

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