Dahlia Bakery Review: Breakfast items at Dahlia Bakery

Dahlia Bakery Review: Breakfast items at Dahlia Bakery

Aaaaaand more pictures from Seattle. Not much of a surprise there huh? I’m trying to go through them as fast as possible. When’s the last time you saw four posts a week on this blog? Been a while… Down some alley around Pike Place Market is this thing called The Gum Wall. They call it that because it’s just a brick wall full of gum. Inciting both awe and critique, this wall is definitely something to see. Even if you think it’s disgusting, it’s amazing just how much gum is on this wall. I just want to talk about Dahlia Bakery a bit before moving onto other posts about restaurant-y meals in Seattle. The bakery is part of the Tom Douglass empire and this year he was recognized for his feats with the 2012 James Beard Restauranteur of the Year award. If you spend a lot of time in downtown Seattle, it’s really easy to end up at his restaurants more than once. In fact we ate breakfast at Dahlia Bakery three or four times. Let’s take a quick look…

Croissant. This was our go-to order. Steph and I both must have had three of these. I tried to switch it up with a scone once, but that wasn’t as good as their croissant. It’s got a few things going for it: 1. noticeable buttery taste. 2. size. it’s pretty big. 3. nice airy innards.

It would stack up nicely here in New York too, but it’s not like we’re the capital of croissants here. It’s just that in my limited experience, there’s plenty of food experiences in Seattle that stack up well against New York equivalents.

There was a sign that said they’re known for their coconut cream pies. In retrospect, we probably should have just gotten a slice, but we got two of their tiny bite-size version of coconut cream pies. I mean, it gets the job done, but I’m not sure it does their product justice or not. Because if was an accurate representation of what the bigger version would be, then it’s a disappointment. If the bigger version is better, then I wonder why the fuck they sell the bite size version then? Either way, if you try this, just go with the real thing and then decide. I can’t tell you much from the itty bitty things.

When we went with a regular-sized product, it turned out way better! The rhubarb tart was on point and really hit the spot. It had those crumble things on top which I liked and the light tartness from the rhubarb was really good. Seriously, I don’t get the whole thing with local ingredients. If they can fly rhubarb from the Souther Hemisphere year round, they should do it. This stuff is good.

But by far the best thing is the donuts. These were the most expensive out of all the things we tried for breakfast. I think they were like $6 dollars an order, but it came out freshly fried. That’s the key part… they fry it to order, so when they give you the bag, the donuts are super warm and soft. It comes with marscapone cream and some jam. It doesn’t get any better than freshly fried dough with cream. Obviously you couldn’t eat this all the time but on vacation? Definitely.

You know, the other thing I learned about Seattle is that their downtown is not that crowded unless you’re trying to park a car… It’s crazy because if you stay at a downtown hotel, it’s convenient to do stuff, but downtown hotels only have valet parking. So the alternative is street side parking. Everyone is trying to park on the street though, so it’s crazytown trying to find a spot sometimes. This is one thing that I certainly never have to deal with in New York. Glad for that.

The other thing is that I got really sick of hearing the word, “Recalculating.” While in the drivers seat, that word takes on a whole new meaning. It’s really more like, “Recalculating your manhood, and your inability to fucking follow directions, you dumbass.” And then that GPS thing tries to make it sound all nice that you got to the place you want and says, “Arriving at destination.” It’s that fake cheery tone that racists in the South like to give sometimes when they’re frontin’.

If I could program the GPS, I’d add some new lines: “You turned one street too early jackass.” “Idiot, you just missed the right/left turn. Can you hear or see? Why the fuck are you driving?” “I didn’t tell you to turn, what the fuck are you doing?” “You missed the exit, but you were also five lanes away from exiting, if you know better than the computer, I’ll go take a break.” “I noticed you’re taking 12 minutes to parallel park, just give up already.”

Yea. I can’t wait to take another trip that requires driving. More Seattle food posts next week.

Dahlia Bakery2001 4th Ave.Seattle, WA 98121206-441-4540

Posted by Danny on May 11, 2012 at 8:18 pm

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