Day 2 of France Trip 2010

Day 2 of France Trip 2010

See that? That’s food in the mouth of food. What you have here is a mutton eating some pain. In France, even sheep likes bread. Unfortunately for the sheep, she didn’t get it the way I did, which was slathered with Brittany butter. Sorry sheep, no butter for you. Day 2 was pretty fantastic, and full of food. I’m going to go light on the descriptions and heavy on the pictures. So the day started with breakfast which of course was bread, three kinds… croissant, chocolate croissant, and mini baguette. Too hungry to take pictures for y’all. But then…

Yea, that’s a giant seafood platter. The same kind that Anthony Bourdain ate on his trip to Brittany. It’s pretty awesome. It was spider crab, regular crab, sea snails, langostines, shrimp, and some special mayo made with egg yolks. Really delicious stuff. There’s nothing like digging into crustaceans. They’re so good and fresh.

We drove through the beautiful city of Dol de Bretagne and there were some cool old buildings made mostly of stones? I mean, really sturdy stuff, not that wood shit that we use in the U.S. You know there’s history in those walls. We then went to the afternoon destination that was by the sea…

Saint Malo! There’s a song to go with this but I don’t know the song. It’s one of those songs that your dad would sing while your face turns red and you’re like ‘Dad, no one sings that song any more!’ Oh but they do. Saint Malo is by the sea and the city is fortified by the sea. There used to be pirates and English people. Those pesky Brits, always up to no good. But behind the walls, there’s a nice cute, and boutiquey area.

The streets were made out of cobblestones and the buildings were all old and very European looking. It’s funny because you just know you’re walking through Europe and not Asia, North America, or Anarctica. This stuff just screams out years and years of history. And it’s on these streets that we came by this little store…

They had some baked goods, and quite frankly a lot of stores had baked goods. This particular store was smart because they had theirs by the window and many of the pieces of the specialty was gone. When I see that people ordered a bunch of the same stuff, I figure that stuff is good. Right? The special thing is common in Brittany but not so much elsewhere. The specialty of course, is Kouign Amann.

Imagine a brownie. Now instead of a single consistency, imagine layers. Ok, now instead of chocolate, imagine butter. What you have then, is a kouign amann, a layered pastry that swims in butter. It’s soft and moist (probably because of the butter) and the edges are crispy. I think this is probably good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Someone keep this shit from those kinds in Huntington, WV, or else Jamie Oliver would go bonkers. This stuff is high calories and awesome. Eat one.

Later we had some crepes that were just ok, and at night I had some homemade crepes made by Steph’s mom. Homemade ones beat out the ones at the restaurant by far. I didn’t even eat mine with nutella. Just butter baby. More Brittany butter.

Until tomorrow kids…

Posted by Danny on April 11, 2010 at 11:00 pm

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