Desserts by mom

Desserts by mom

I’m still waking up from this food coma. The thing about holiday season is that it’s so darn cold and eating keeps you warm. Yes, I’ve heard about those things called ‘sweaters’ but come on. Food versus… some yarn. I’ll take the pastry along with some hot chocolate or tea please. When I was home for Thanksgiving, my mom had a bunch of pastries My Aunt brought some over from Chicago too, but that’ll go in a different post. Mom made three things: mini pecan tarts (that aren’t pictured), daifukus (pictured above), and Taiwanese pine apple cakes or fong li su.

At my house, we just call these things mochis, although I guess technically they’re called daifuku. Basically it’s glutinous rice cake with a red bean paste filling. If you’ve never had one, you can probably buy one at your local Japanese grocery store. I’m not actually sure how mom makes it but I’ve seen her do it before, so I know she didn’t just buy ’em in bulk and put a bunch in a plastic tupperware.

The powder you see on top of the mochi ball is yellow bean powder. I’m not actually sure what the hell yellow bean powder is, but that’s a direct translation from Mandarin. Go figure, maybe I need help with my Chinese.

The other cool thing Mom made were these pineapple cake thingies. They’re really popular in Taiwan and if there is a Chinatown near you, you can pick up these things in Chinese grocery stores. Basically it’s shortbread in a little square, and on the inside there’s pineapple jam filling. I can eat like.. 4 of these in one sitting and not feel anything. Maybe around 8 I get full. But that’s probably not too healthy.

You can see that Mom made a bunch of these things. They’re yummy. I don’t know what else to tell you besides that if you like short bread and pineapple, you will like these things. I couldn’t actually eat 8 of them in one sitting because mom was all like, “You eat too much crap. Hamburgers, cupcakes, WTF?” Ok, she didn’t actually say WTF because mom is not web 2.0 like that. But between her and my aunt telling me that I’ve aged 10 yrs, I’m beginning to feel kinda old.

The bright spot about being old is that instead of exercising I just sat on my ass and watched TV for four days. Now I’m all caught up on the happenings of Seattle Grace hospital and the bloody dealings of Dexter. Someone told me to start on Gossip girl in December, but that would be too just too much.

Posted by Danny on December 2, 2008 at 4:15 pm

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