Fasting and fast food

Fasting and fast food

“Dude, you lefty our hat here AGAIN.” Curtis, my childhood friend would tell me on the phone. I should have tried to correct the problem during my formative years. But I lose a baseball cap at least once a year. Umbrellas? I leave them on restaurant floors or buses with alarming frequency. Two weeks ago, I lost my keys and ate more hot dogs to make myself feel better about this lifelong and unsolvable bad habit.

It was supposed to be a great Sunday, and we had tickets to go see The Dark Knight. We first hit up a Duane Reade (and for those of you not from NY, those are the local version of CVS pharmacy) to buy some snacks and drinks to sneak into the theater.

You know those key chain discount cards you get for supermarkets and drug stores? Well I had to reach in my pocket to get that, and then also get my wallet. Like an idiot, I let the cashier scan my card, then I leave the keys on the counter next to a sea of colorful candy/bubblegums and reached for my wallet. That was what did me in… because if I just left the keys next to my drink, I would have remembered to pick it up on the way out. Instead, the keys blended into the candies and I just forgot. Idiot.

After the movie I went to take some pictures for my friend who’s getting married. (You can see a picture of that below. She actually did the photoshopping herself, so I cannot take full credit for the picture). And I only realized the keys were gone when I tried to buy stuff at a different Duane Reade. Doh! I called Patrick to see if he was still around the movie theater and asked him to check for me. He did and they told him no keys were returned. After the photo session with my friends, I rushed back to the DR by the movie theater because perhaps the keys had not been recovered yet, and was hidden under some Trident or something.

“Man, it must be an epidemic today or something.” The first cashier said to his fellow cashier when I arrived on the scene. I guess they thought it was odd that two Chinese dudes came in looking for lost keys in the same afternoon. Seriously, what’s up those Chinese dudes, keep your keys in your possession! *looks around innocently* Luckily, someone did return the keys and I went merrily away in search of hot dogs.

Ang, Barb, and Jen were at F & B and I thought that hot dogs was a perfect way to end such a chaotic and fun filled day. We got a chili dog, regular dog, and a chicken dog. The chicken dog was dense and not as enjoyable as the regular hot dogs. My lasting memory of the hot dogs was that they were snappy. F & B was enjoyable, but it was nothing you would go out of your way to try. Their price points remove them from being in competition with cheaper options like Gray’s Papaya. I still prefer Gray’s and some fake papaya drink.

But if you ever lose your keys, hot dogs is a good way to go if you want to feel better about humanity and kind souls who return them.

Posted by Danny on August 4, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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