Fat child haiku and a food policy for Obama

Fat child haiku and a food policy for Obama

The haiku this week sort of describes me, minus the wild part and the fried pickle part. I was indeed a fat child, but fried pickles were never really part of my diet. This year I’m going to try to eat more vegetables and fruits though, instead of just cupcakes, burgers, or bacon. But mmmm… pork products. They’re just so delicious and full of nutrients. I mean, if you can’t actually see high cholesterol and blood pressure, that means it’s not there. Same principle for Santa, Easter Bunny, and unicorns. Ah… it all makes sense now.

There was a blog post on SE about Obama and what he may or may not do for America’s food landscape.

I’m still not on this bandwagon. Maybe one day, but just not yet. What I’ve never understood about this whole fascination is that why this subject? Of all the things related to food like hunger or obesity, how the hell did foodies get stuck with the hoity toity subject of asking people to pay more to eat less?

See, I wonder if the people who are so eager to make sure people eat better with eating local and sustainable… do those people help to make sure the people who cannot get any food? Maybe help them just get a bite to eat? I’m completely self-centered and don’t believe in any food issues except cheaper food for everyone. And that’s not a real issue.

If you put local and sustainable food on trial, I would say the proponents have done a very poor job of framing the argument in their favor. When you have a host of problems facing the nation, it’s important to categorize them into impact level and ease of solution implementation. And it’s very unclear what kind of impact local and sustainable will have for the country and there’s no solution in sight. We can’t even feed a city with local and sustainable, how the hell are we ever going to feed a whole country? Asking whether Obama will be a dream come true for foodies is like asking when people in Darfur will get free WiFi. Seriously people, there are more pressing issues like the economy, health care, and peace in the middle east (ha!).

And I’m not trying to say people’s hearts are in the wrong places. People have good intentions. Local and sustainable food helps out farmers and the local environment. These are worthy causes. It’s just weird that this has become the foodie’s call for revolution.

Just to keep it slightly on-subject about food, here’s a picture of kalbi and bugolgi from BCD Tofu House last week. Yea, beef at a tofu house. It’s good stuff. I have to admit though, most of these Korean places on restaurant row kind of taste the same to me. Sure some places specialize in that stew with a white broth or dumplings but for the most part…

BCD Tofu house is cool because when you order something like Soon Du Bu, they give you a little fish. Like an entire little fried fish. It’s not the most amazing fish or anything like that, but I’ve never seen any other restaurant do that before.

Posted by Danny on January 13, 2009 at 5:45 pm

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