Fatty beef and cute doggy

Fatty beef and cute doggy

Technically, this is not being posted on Sunday… however, since I post one every week, we will just let that slide, right? Today two of my friends asked me, “Yo, update your blog.” Uh, come on! It is Memorial Day weekend! Go out! Stop reading blogs! Go take pictures of super cute dogs! Or something. Today we have a haiku that sort of relates to the next post, and you will see what that is about real soon. But I have a story about the cute dog that is posted beneath the jump. Take a look, and let us walk down douchebaggery lane together.

My friends and I saw this dog on Sunday. Obviously if you were blessed with vision and a heart, you would also realize this doggy was super duper cute. So of course I needed a picture of it since I like pictures of dogs. The owner was sitting at the side, next to Le Pain Quotidien. Then some girls walked out of the store and remarked about the cuteness of the dog, and the owner said to my friend and me, “You guys need to stop that, you are scaring my dog.”

Wait a minute there, Mister Douchebag who needs a shave, a hair cut, and needs to stop trying to look like Russell Brand because your dog is not gonna get you laid. Me and my camera? Not scaring your dog. Your dog just had a scary realization that for the formidable years of his life, he is going to be used as a prop in order to get his pathetic owner some play. He had that epiphany on the sidewalk. He was not scared of me. He was scared of YOU.

Some of you out there might be thinking, “Danny! Relax!” The thing is, I AM relaxed! I am sitting here eating a bag of chips… relaxing and stuffing my face. BTW, this new flavor is not all that… there is some spicy thai flavor kind that is much better. I think Kettle is just playing off of this fascination with chipotle. Go figure. Anyway, time to go figure out the next blog post. Until then, keep your dogs safe, and if you put it on a sidewalk, I will take pictures of it. Peace.

Posted by Danny on May 27, 2008 at 4:00 am

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