Food Sing 88 Review: Food Shing

Food Sing 88 Review: Food Shing

Before I get started into Food Shing, which is what this post is supposed to be about. I will jump into a tangent. So in another episode of checking my manhood at the door, I will share with my four readers, a gchat interaction betwee my sister and I. (And oddly it is interesting when I say three readers, three respond. Let us go for four this time. For the glory folks). My gchat message was, “sign #979724 that i am not a man. i kind of want to watch ps i love you.” Actually in reality I am very private and paranoid (why keep a blog then?) but it is fun to share those nuggets of information every now and then. And no one is going to believe me if the message becomes, “I am going to make like Bob Villa and make a hand crafted table.” My sister saw the message and then she replied…

The sis: “I don’t even want to watch that movie. WTF is wrong with you?” And there you have it. Dressed down properly. Ouch. La hermana++. El perdedor–. What do you do after that? Tell her that you are listening to Sara Bareilles on youtube? No… You eat. What else are you going to do? the movie tickets? BTW, that is the move, after all you cannot possibly go up to the AMC, stand in front of a real man at the ticket counter and go, “um… one for ps I love you (and yes you are right, I really *am* that loser-tastic).”

As far as the noodles go, a couple of weeks back in the times, Peter Meehan reviewed Food Shing, by East Broadway. I usually do not head down that far into Chinatown, but for noodle joints? Why not? It is cold, those things fill you up right. The noodles at Food Shing are pretty good as far as hand pulled noodles are concerned. I been making my rounds on the food blogs and there are other people who prefer Catonese noodles (slightly yellower, thinner, and harder). If you prefer the ‘toothsome’ feel, then hand-pulled noodles probably are not for you. For me it is one of those preferences I grew up with therefore sticks with me til today. You ask me about something like tamales? Well, most of those taste good to me and tasting the differences would be hard and choosing a preference would be even harder.

The broth is not spicy. It should have been, but they had hot sauce and sriracha at the table. Average broth maybe, but it did the job. The beef chunks were thick and soft enough, although not fork tender. I still have not found a place that does a good hand-pulled noodle with the right broth and beef. I will probably go back to Food Shing simply because it is so cheap and it does a pretty good job of satiating my hunger and taste buds. The search for the perfect spicy beef noodle soup continues.

Food Sing 882 East Broadway.New York, NY 10038212-219-8223

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