FoodParc Review: Food Parc should lower its prices

FoodParc Review: Food Parc should lower its prices

Last time, we visited the idea of childhood donuts and how I felt about writing in the food realm. To sum it up quickly, childhood donuts are still delicious and I have to go get my head shrunk. At least that’s what I took from it. Today I want to talk about a reason for liking a ‘restaurant’ even if not everyone loves it. Food Parc is this food court inside of some hotel on Sixth Avenue. The hotel would probably want me to google their name, but fuck it. It’s a hotel I’ll never be able to afford and the only redeeming factor it has is that there is Food Parc on the first floor. When you enter Food Parc, you’re greeted with a nice shiney interior that’s dotted with some LCD screens. You can order on some of those screens and on others you’ll find menus. That’s menus in plural because as with most food courts, you have multiple options there. You have some dessert options, a pizza place, a burger place, and a Asian-y place. The food is elevated food court food. It’ll never win prizes, but it’ll do in a pinch. If you’re living in the nameless hotel next door and you just out of a cab from JFK, then it’s yummilicious. For folks like me, there’s other reasons to go.

There are countless methods of reasoning to picking restaurants. Sometimes it’s budget constraints (which is almost every time for me), sometimes it’s that you crave a dish, and sometimes it’s because it’s proximity. There is one other reason that I want to suggest to everyone. See, Steph and I like going to Food Parc when there’s no one there, because the seating area makes you feel like you’re baller. No I’m serious, when you go after work at like 6pm, there is no one there. So you own the dining area. The area is typical of food courts, which is zero service. Perfect if you want to feel baller because this ain’t find dining. I wanna eat my burger and I want you to stay the hell away and leave me alone. And since it’s mostly empty, you’re not being annoyed by random chatter. Some people feel special if they get the star treatment or if they’re VIP. But hey, sometimes, it’s just nice to have a space almost all to yourself. It’s nothing like getting a ferris wheel all to yourself, but hey, this is good enough.

I would say the burger at Food Parc is satisfactory. I like it. Again, beating the dead horse, I wish it cost just a little less. Why pay more for a burger that costs more than the Shake Shack? Well, I guess because it lets me have the whole eating area to myself since Food Parc ain’t that popular. That’s the price of privacy I suppose. The Asian-y section of the food court does all types of dumplings and generally they’re alright. We had some duck ones that weren’t super ducky, but still delicious. We also tried some of this shumai looking thing on a stick. Again, tasty but overpriced.

During their opening week, Food Parc was handing out these 20% coupons to folks on the street. Without the coupons, I’m sure that I never would have gone. During my second trip there, which was probably like a few weeks after they opened, they just started handing out that 20% coupon to everyone that walked in the door. I guess business wasn’t so awesome. But I’m telling you, even with the 20%, I feel like it’s pricey. Without that coupon? I’m going to be feeling extra cool about this place, unless I wanna go somewhere and feel like I own the food court.

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