Gotham Bar And Grill Review: Another great lunch deal at Gotham Bar and Grill

Gotham Bar And Grill Review: Another great lunch deal at Gotham Bar and Grill

I’m way behind on posting, because I’ve been fixing bad code on my site for the last two weeks. Nothing beats debugging tiny errors. Thus my motivation to write is way way down. This lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill actually occurred during New York City’s Restaurant Week, however they do run a $25 dollar greenmarket prix fixe lunch normally. The norm is to have two courses for that price, but during RW, they throw in the dessert. It was only by pure coincidence that Steph and I ended up going during Restaurant Week. For $25, it’s a pretty good deal to hit up Gotham Bar and Grill if you get a chance for lunch.

They give three choices for appetizer and entree, with one selection in each section being a ‘Greenmarket’ dish. I didn’t care for that especially since a ‘Greenmarket’ appetizer was a tomato salad that week. Soup seems like a much better bet, since it involves more than just cutting up tomatoes and drizzling on some oil and vinegar. That’s sometimes a prevailing thought in my mind at restaurants – how much work are they doing for this plate? Sure, tomatoes might whisk me to some idyllic farm in upstate New York, with thoughts about farmers and fresh air. But I can just go to the market myself to buy the damn tomatoes, even though I normally don’t. Either way, I have no idea how to make soup, just ask Steph. I’ve fucked it up at least three times at home. So yea, I got the soup, it was cold, I have no idea what was in it, but I cleaned my bowl in no time.

For the entree I picked steak, because it feels so fancy to eat steak for lunch. I like to imagine that power players for big companies or politicians who get bought out by lobbyists all like to eat steak for lunch. No, it wasn’t a porterhouse or anything. It was a hanger steak cooked with precision. Medium-rare makes it tender and juicy. The hanger steak came with some potatoes that were a nice touch. It’s a shame they don’t just do french fries with the steak, because french fries at Gotham Bar and Grill is really good. Can’t have it all I guess.

The dessert was good, but since this happened quite a while ago, I don’t remember much about it. I do remember that with the dessert, it’s quite a bit of food. So even if you go during non-RW, the two course is still a deal. It’s not quite the steal that you get at for lunch at Del Posto, but the tradeoff is Gotham is more centrally located since it’s right off of Fifth Ave.

That’s it for this week, I might have a rant about playing basketball later on, and take-out restaurants that cheat me out of three pennies, but not going to cloud up this post about Gotham Bar and Grill with that non-sense. I will find other pictures for that!

Gotham Bar And Grill12 E 12th St.New York, NY 10003212-620-4020

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