Jing Fong Review: Jing Fong is packed

Jing Fong Review: Jing Fong is packed

Some foods bring familiarity and comfort, and for my friends and me, dim sum is such a thing. After a night of watching a horrible movie called Shoot ’em Up (really, it is so bad I do not want to give you the IMDB link), what we needed was comfort. And Clive Owen, you just cannot pull off pointless movies the way Jason Statham can. Please, stick to more poignant films like Children of Men. On Sunday we mozied on by to Jing Fong this past weekend and braved the crowds.

I love how in restaurant speak, “5 minutes” really means at least twelve or so. How does that work? In the grand scheme of things, a ten minute wait during lunch rush really is not bad at all. The turnover was really fast that day. Of course we got chicken feet to start. Again, how does anyone go eat dim sum without eating chicken feet? It baffles me. Chicken feet is delicious, and maybe if you are not used to it, the texture of the skin would throw you off. That is okay, just eat more, you will come to love it.

We also go some shumai, turnip cake, tripe, and spare ribs. Oh and some of those fried taro thingies with meat fillings. Delicious. I know by now all the Jing Fong haters would have stopped reading already, but this is a no-hater zone anyway. The only person allowed to drink haterade is me. (Yea that makes no sense, and that makes me a hypocrite, but who is perfect?) I think there are a lot of individuals out there who strive to find the best tasting thing or restaurant and they stick to that. Hey, whatever works for you. What I have come to discover over the years is that the food is secondary to the company. I eat alone quite often since most people cannot put up with the constant picture taking or my odd choices of restaurants at times. The one thing I notice is that when you eat with friends and family, food just tastes better. So yea, the haters who say there is no good dim sum in New York? Psssssh.

While we are on the subject of taste preferences, did you know sometimes there is a difference between what we say we want, versus what we actually choose? It sounds completely wacky, but I was surfing youtube (woo, what a surprise), and came upon this video of Malcolm Gladwell. He basically relays to the audience, the results of another person’s research. Who knew you could democratize taste? Anyway, at least I thought that was interesting.

Jing Fong20 Elizabeth Street.New York, NY 10013212-964-5256

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