L'Arte del Gelato Review: L'Arte del Gelato

L'Arte del Gelato Review: L'Arte del Gelato

One of the earliest suggestions I got for this blog was to just be the lone “I shit on it all” type of food blogger. By the way, if you’re out there and aspiring to make a name for yourself, there you go. Free idea. Shit on every single restaurant you eat at, I guarantee you the NYC food blogosphere will take note. If you can do it with humor, you might even get a book deal overnight. So I went to L’Arte del Gelato with some high expectations because they’ve been written about with high regards. I don’t think it’s my favorite. You all know me, it’s hard to get me to not like something unless it’s shitty American-Chinese food. But the thing is, after reading about how awesome a place is, it’s natural to expect the place to just BLOW YO’ MIND. That didn’t happen. I don’t know why it didn’t happen. The last couple of weeks I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream/gelato/sorbet (for my stomach not for the blog…) Blue Marble, Shake Shack, Momofuku, Grom, il laboratorio del gelato, Uncle Louie G’s, Rita’s, and most recently popbar. So yea, my frame of reference for ice cream right now is set. So at L’Arte del Gelato I went with coconut and pistachio… and it was…

Weird. The coconut really was off. I’m not sure what it was, but it had an artificial taste to it. Maybe I don’t know what coconut taste like, so I asked Steph and she thought it tasted weird too. I liked the pistachio and liked the consistency/smoothness of both flavors. Overall though, I thought it was just ok. After eating ice cream at so many places, I can tell you that you can get creamy consistency at almost all the gelato places. They’re not cheap. And almost everyone has good intensity of flavor. The whole thing about mouth-feel and whether it might be icy… it’s all moot in my book. They’re all pretty good. Fancy ice cream in New York cost an arm and a leg sometimes. Obviously eating this in the West Village, one couldn’t expect a super deal… and popbar wasn’t a superb deal either. But I guess the going rate for gelato is what it is.

Lastly I want to talk about taking photos in a restaurant or food establishment. Maybe some of you saw what Amateur Gourmet had to say about this subject this week. On nearly every point, I agree with him. There’s just one thing on which I care to expound. Basically Adam is too nice. He talks about what some diners say about the photo taking. But he never says this to them. “Yo, shut the fuck up and eat your food.” Yea, that’s right, I said it. Yo mamma! When I’m sitting down to eat at a restaurant with folks I know… honestly, I’m too busy to care if someone has a mini tripod on their table. Good for you if you’re not engaged in listening to your compatriots and all you care about is what I’m doing at my table. You know what’s unsightly? It’s not my tripod or my ginormous camera. It’s stupid bitches with fakes tans, tacky and unnecessarily gaudy jewelry, and Botulism enhanced foreheads. You clowns need to shut the fuck up before I slap you the fuck up because if I’m spending over $100 (or whatever it is for a tasting menu), I’m getting into it. And you should get into it, instead of getting all up in my bidness. Fuckers. Just fuck off people.

L’Arte del Gelato75 7th Ave.New York, NY 10014212-924-0803

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