Le Comptoir Review: Running out of food at brunch

Le Comptoir Review: Running out of food at brunch

Yesterday I tried on a pair of pants that’s ten-years-old. It humbled me. It’s one thing to see pictures of myself from just a few years ago, but to see the difference in the pants size was startling. Even when I sucked in my stomach, the pants would not close. Seriously, those pants were from a waist of a different person. Even though it was an ugly scene, it wasn’t enough to end my gluttonous ways. And what do gluttons do? They eat short ribs for breakfast. Normal folks probably go with like some pancakes or cereal. I eat deep fried sandwiches or sausage bites with cheetos. Perhaps that’s why my stomach grows at such an unnatural rate. Puzzling it is. But short ribs in an open-faced sandwich was what I got at Le Comptoir in Williamsburg a few weekends ago.

So before we begin, I just wanna talk about a little pet peeve I got about servers in restaurants. Puh-leeease, please tell me when you lay down the menu, if any of the items are sold out. Especially when it’s a cool sounding item like “Bacon Cheeseburger Sausage & Lentils ” Because then I get my mind all geared up for it, and after ordering, the server tells that it’s unavailable. The server also points to the table next to us who finished eating, that they took the last order. I mean, that just makes me wanna jump their ass in a dark alley. Motherfuckers. Eating my sausage and lentils. Sheeeeeee-it, as Clay Davis would say. This wouldn’t bother me so much except it’s happened once a week for the past month. Seriously, when you’re disappointed about your order 33% to 50% of the time, that’s not good.

So instead of an unique and potentially awesome dish, Steph ordered the eggs benedict ($11). Solid enough, but not good enough for you to venture out of your way. So if you live close to Le Comptoir, them eggs benedict is ok, otherwise you could get the same shit anywhere else.

As previously mentioned I had the open-face sandwich with beef short-ribs. It came with a side salad and an egg on top. I don’t have too many complaints about the dish but it didn’t blow my mind. Le Comptoir has a nice feel to it. The front of the restaurant has these couches and some folks were there that afternoon playing board games or something. The rest of the restaurant is divided into this long counter where you could sit down like its your local greasespoon, and the other part is a sit down area in the back. Aesthetically speaking, I like the place as a comfortable neighborhood place. The only problem I got is… well, I don’t live in Williamsburg so this was a trip, and the trip seemed to be not super worth it at the end. Going to Williamsburg is fine, but maybe not for this place.

Le Comptoir251 Grand St.Brooklyn, NY 11211718-486-3300

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