Levain Bakery Review: Levain Bakery and health care

Levain Bakery Review: Levain Bakery and health care

Life is like a box of chocolates. And national health care is like a cookie.For both, you never know what you’re going to get. I’m not saying that everyone needs a cookie or should want or cookie or should even like a cookie. Although if you don’t like a cookie, man, you gotta relax. Take it from a guy who’s wound up too tightly… cookies are nice. Relaxing even. Of course this is not to say that what constitutes a cookie to person 1 is the same as what constitutes a cookie for person 2. I think it’s funny that on food blogs, everyone will rush to do a bracket or some shit for March Madness, because talking about pop culture increases your page views. But talking about politics? Oh no. Homey don’t play that. I just never knew there were so many Michael Jordan philosophers in the food world. Yea, Republicans eat too. But I’m going to talk about this dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie from Levain Bakery and also about this huge momentous occasion in our country. I mean, the most powerful country as of 2010 is instituting a national health care plan. This is big stuff yo, almost as big as cookies from Levain.

A cookie from Levain Bakery is $4. Probably on the expensive side for cookies in NYC in general, although I’d guess if you went by price per ounce, they’ll be up there. They serve a hefty cookie, it’s not big and wide. It’s more like a small brick made out of dark chocolate and peanut butter chips. I really enjoyed it although it’s understandable that some feel it’s not your typical cookie. I walked by Levain Bakery once on a weekend and the line was nuts. On weekday afternoons though, it’s all good.

Levain’s cookies aren’t as crunchy as flatter cookies. I mean, not all cookies are made alike right? And not everyone likes the same kind of cookies. That’s how I see health care. We may quibble over who’s doing the baking or what kind of cookies it is… but at least we can say cookies are good. So is health care. We might not know exactly how to make it a nimble, efficient, and super effective. At least we can say, “You know, it ain’t so bad if everyone gets a piece.” Does this mean that some people won’t like their piece? Of course. The truth is you can never ask a baker to always bake the greatest, faultless cookie on the first try. Even if you factor in research over recipes and asking for expert opinions. And it works the same with health care.

The most we can say that is we’re heading in the right direction. It might be not delicious, a little delicious, or very delicious to you. I’m not sure what it’s going to be like. I’m sure the social security bill was important and a great event in our country as well. But when I retire, shit gonna be gone. It doesn’t change that it’s a good idea though. Maybe we now know the implementation was askew. Maybe health care will be better. I really hope so. I’m really tired of all the haters. The whole idea of government is to help the people do things they may not do well on their own. And what people do poorly on their own is understand what helps nurture society. I’m tired of the tea party motherfuckers who don’t understand how libertarianism can help a country. The world is about more than just what’s in your own pocket. So I can afford less pork buns if my taxes are slightly higher. Really, people need to see this for the potential it possess. We’re essentially giving everyone access to a cookie and you know, that’s pretty damn good.

Levain Bakery167 W 74th St.New York, NY 10023212-874-6080

Posted by Danny on March 23, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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