Lines and more lines at Le Fooding

Lines and more lines at Le Fooding

What’s the going rate for a handjob these days? What? That’s no way to open a post for a food blog? Yea whatever. But before we get to all of this, in the interest of full-disclosure, I will say that I tried to get a press pass for this event called Le Fooding but was denied. I was however, able to score a ticket on the black market. So while all the other coverage out there might have glitzy pictures that’s actually not-blurry, I can only offer some blurry pictures and talk about whether an event like this is worth $50 or $80, depending on your ticket. And whether you’re betting off going to a street hooker or a sex shop to buy a toy. Basically you had the option to buy a VIP ticket for $80 and go an hour early before the throng of people mobbed the scene, or pay $50 and just go with the mob. I just figure that the really honest writeup should tell you folks what you should do with your money, and whether something like this is worth it for you in the future.

For those who are really curious and for some reason wanna drop $50 or even $80 for something like this. You probably am a foodie whether you like the sound of that word. You probably get off on the thought of eating stuff to which you normally don’t have access. Although I think if you’re ready to drop $80 for a food event, you’re not far off from flying to S.F. and eating at these establishments in person. The other thing you get for your $50 is a couple of drink tickets. You get one champagne, one wine, and one vodka drink. It’s an okay amount especially since the event really is only good for two hours because after that they run out of food. Don’t expect to get sloshed though. The pours are quite Tea Party-ish.

For those of you who hate lines, like me… an event like this just makes you wonder why it’s worth it to stand in line for forty minutes for one slice of pizza or a mini burger. It’s really really odd. If you spend $50 or $80 for dinner, you can get some magnificent meals in this town. Maybe the drinks add some value but at the end of the day, how do you value your time? If you sat down at a restaurant… you’re sitting down. Generally at a restaurant, after forty minutes you’re well into your meal and have enough food to be full. But here, after the initial wait for your first tasting, you gotta go wait more! Which is why I was really happy to see Nate Appleman’s stand. His Pulino’s crew served up some crostini with beef. Grub Street thought it was flavorless. But you know what they say, hunger is the best sauce and waiting in line breeds hunger.

Look, maybe if you’re reading this blog, you prefer $50 or $80 dollar food events instead of a handjob or a battery-powered self-satisfaction device. Le Fooding proved to be like such a self-satisfaction device, just without the batteries. Sure it looked good on paper, you get to try all these things, all these newfound pleasures. The intervals between the short periods of joy just leaves ya unsatisfied. So I’m not sure what could be more satisfying, a food event that’s $50 or a handjob from a crackwhore. It’s a tossup.

I think if you’re at any food event with good company, you’ll enjoy the experience. However, experiences come at a cost in real life and I just wanted to put things in a perspective and normal folks can understand if they’re trying to decided what to do with their hard-earned dollars. So if you got it and you can spend it, more power to you. But if you’ve always been curious about food events and whether they’re worth it… maybe it’s dependent on whether you like lines.

Posted by Danny on September 27, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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