M & S Prime Meats Review: Prime Meats in Park Slope

M & S Prime Meats Review: Prime Meats in Park Slope

During the holiday season, I prefer subsistence eating. It’s easier to concentrate on one food group for all my caloric needs. That’s why for dinner on Christmas, I had chocolates. It was quite nice because well, it’s chocolates. It’s those round kinds that come in golden foil. It’s hazelnutty. They also make ones with a brown foil now, that’s new. They didn’t have that when I was growing up back in the old days. New school, old school, they all tasted great. But then I get this guilt and end up thinking about real food. I also don’t want to venture all the way into the city when I’m lazy and eating chocolates for the past two days. Yesterday I saw Prime Meats with a ‘Grand Opening’ banner on their store front. As it turns out, they had been open for like two weeks but I had been blind. So a sandwich was in order because my sister said, “Whatever you do, just don’t blog about cupcakes or hamburgers.” Who needs those things anyway?

Prime Meats in Park Slope is on 5th ave and they’re basically a butcher shop. I don’t know what else to tell you except that because I’m not a butcher shop person. My assertion has always been that if you get Mario Batali to cook for you with meat from Kroger’s, it’s not gonna be as good as if he sourced the meat from some down-to-earth farmer, but it’s gonna be damn good. It’s not like all of a sudden Mario Batali won’t know how to make delicious food if he’s forced to cook with agri-business meat. Seriously. Who believes that? So yea, I really don’t care for butcher shops and their fancy expensive meats.

I do however, love big ass sandwiches. There’s something really great about buying a foot long sandwich, and saving half of the sandwich for later. Of course you could do this at Subways but their sandwiches aren’t that great. They’re filling but most of the time I can eat an entire footlong in one sitting.

The first menu item on the wall at Prime Meats is the Sal and Mel special. It has sopressata, mortadella, prociutto, mozerella, and roasted peppers. It’s sitting on a generic bodega roll. Here’s actually were a Subways would beat a butcher shop because Subways has nice bread. Not Sullivan St bakery nice, but better than the generic roll.

The inside of the sandwich is where Prime Meats redeems itself. The meats were tasty and filling, and the roasted peppers offered a nice sweetness. The entire sandwich will set you back $8 dollars total, and it tasted good while watching Chad Pennington wash the Jet’s dreams away.

Oh and the other thing that happened this weekend was that I discovered the addictiveness of a cool board game. Settlers of Catan is crazy fun. Anyone else out there play?

M & S Prime Meats312 5th Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11215718-768-2728

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