McDonald's Review: Egg McMuffin for breakfast

McDonald's Review: Egg McMuffin for breakfast

Whenever I read about another food blogger or writer’s experience, and there’s a “revelation”, I’m always surprised. The reason is that honestly, even with all the delicious food in the world, quite few are such a revelation that I remember it years and years down the line. Maybe it’s because McDonald’s is such a large part of the culture here in the U.S., but my first food revelation came from the golden arches. It wasn’t even a big mac, which I didn’t have until high school. No, the first thing that I remember about McDonalds was the breakfast sandwich. It was the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

When you see pictured was actually just a regular Egg McMuffin. It was my breakfast of choice a couple of weeks ago when I had to prepare to move from one apartment to another. Moving, for those of you who haven’t experienced it lately, is a frenetic thing. For instance, you might find yourself in line at UHaul, and there’s two people ahead of you and one truck left… Good thing I reserved ’em and the people in front of me did not. That alone is enough to just drive ya up a wall. You definitely need something hearty and full of calories for the long day. That’s why I picked McDonald’s. That and their 2 for $3 dollar deal on Egg McMuffins. I noticed these days are sometimes regional so if you don’t see it near your McDonald’s, then they’re just not running the promo. Speaking of Mickey Dee’s promos, I’m still waiting for them to run the $6 nuggest for $1.

The great thing about a Sausage egg McMuffin or a regular Egg McMuffin is that it’s just perfect. You have some eggs, cheese, and ham/sausage to provide some saltiness. If they could make the English Muffin a little toastier, then it would just be perfect. I know people love their pork bun with egg from Momofuku or some other fancy breakfast sandwich elsewhere in this city. But trust me, this is where it’s at. It’s economical, at just $1.50, it’s tasty, nutritional, and calorically plentiful. It’s unpretentious, because it’ll never be claimed by yuppies or hipsters. It’s just a great breakfast sandwich. At this price, I dare you to find something better. Remember, even if you find something that’s $2, we’re talking about a 33% increase in price! The only time I want to hear about that kind of percentage increase, is in 401k performance or something. Not in my food.

One last note is that I think it’s important to say that just because I think the food is perfect, it doesn’t mean that a logical argument is, “but can you eat it for breakfast everyday?” Look, you can’t eat a porterhouse for two everyday either, even if it’s organically grown, grassfed, and susainably raised. Your cholesterol would shoot through the roof and you’ll die before you see twenty-fow (ok maybe older than twenty-fow. Maybe forty-fow). Just like how you can’t have half of a pie for breakfast just because it’s made from scratch and you have an apple orchard on your hipster NY roof or something. Get real people.

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Posted by Danny on September 9, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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