Mistral Kitchen Review: Mistral Kitchen and diarrhea

Mistral Kitchen Review: Mistral Kitchen and diarrhea

Fuck North Carolinians. Just get that out of the way. Back to posts about Seattle though. The skies are definitely not always sunny in Seattle in the Spring. As you can see, it’s kinda overcast sometimes… in fact, it’s overcast a lot. I’ve heard people say it rains 200 days a year there, but only 45 inches of rain or so, which isn’t a lot. This is because most of the time it’s just misty. That brings me to another thing I learned on this vacation… always check the average rainfall for the that time of the year, and do it before going on vacation. It helps just a little bit. So last time I talked about how Seattle’s Restaurant Week was a success at Spur Gastropub. Well, it’s not always a success when you do a RW menu. We encountered some hiccups at Mistral Kitchen.

It began really slowly. As in, after we ordered, it took a long while for the food to come out. As far as flavor and taste goes… it started off kinda nice, with some chicken liver mousse. It came with rhubarb gelee, pickled rhubarb, and some toast. This dish actually made me think the rest of the meal would go off without a hitch. But we also ordered some oysters that mysteriously did not appear with the chicken liver mousse starter.

Then we waited a bit for our entrees to come out. I could only get a picture of mine because damn, that place had no light at all. You can tell with the picture of the steak that it was pretty dark in there. The dish officially was, “Painted Hills Teres Major, Spring Garlic, Olives, Broken Potatoes.” Not too many disagreements with this entree, but it wasn’t mind blowing either. And by this time, the oysters still had not made an appearance.

So we asked our server what’s up with the oysters and he was as surprised as could be since he didn’t think we ordered any. The thing is, they had two types that night, and we decided to half of one kind and half of another. He repeated this when he took our order, but I guess his pen just didn’t write down what came out of his mouth. In the end, the oysters came after our entrees. Gotta love that. A place that has $30 dollar entrees (if not for Restaurant Week), serves you appetizers after main course and before dessert. Go figure.

The best part is that after this meal, I went back to the hotel and had diarrhea.

Yup. I remember it fondly. We just don’t talk about it that much in the food blogging world. Watery shit happens. You can’t always pin point it directly to one place, so I’m not saying Mistral Kitchen gave me liquid fecal matter, because it’s impossible to really pinpoint exactly what caused it. I just know it happened a few hours after dinner. But I don’t mind saying it happened because I don’t live in Seattle, and I don’t have Seattle readers, and this won’t affect their business.

Carry on.

Mistral Kitchen2020 Westlake Ave.Seattle, WA 98121206-623-1922

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