Momofuku Milk Bar Review: Crack pie and The Wire

Momofuku Milk Bar Review: Crack pie and The Wire

Recently Steph and I embarked on a special undertaking – we started watching The Wire. If you don’t know what The Wire is, then you probably lived under a rock for the first half of this decade (which by the way, is ending soon…) I think on the Baltimore episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain proclaimed it as the best show ever on television. That is some high praise. I’ve only seen the first five episodes and it’s getting good already. For those of you not yet graced by the show, the basic gist of the show is about these cops trying to crack down on this drug kingpin who ‘owns’ the area of West Baltimore. The main good guy so far is Jimmy McNulty, and the king pin is Avon Barksdale. The show so far has already dealt with wire tapping and the intricacies of dealing drugs. Fro example they get into the difference between being in charge of high rises versus low rises, and they talk about hierarchies of the group. So Avon Barksdale is the boss, and he has a right hand man named Stringer Bell and a cousin named DeAngelo. Oh man, the show is just so good. But how does this relate to food?

To really make this more comprehensible for you… I’ll give you the analogy as it relates to the food world. So the ‘high rises’ in this case would be the Momofuku Empire. They rule in the East Village area. The guy playing Avon Barksdale is David Chang. Now even though Christina Tosi is not his cousin, she is the main person in charge of dealing the crack (pie). In the show, DeAngelo controls the low rise buildings, and in real life Tosi is in charge of Momofuku Milk Bar. There’s also this character named Bubbles (Bubs) who is this crack/heroine addict. Just think of Anderson Cooper as the crack (pie) addict.

If you don’t know why Anderson Cooper is the crack (pie) lover, just check out the Serious Eats:NY post about it. Apparently on the Regis and Kelly show, Anderson professed his love for crack (pie) and wanted to give some to everyone in the audience.

The crack pie, like real crack, is not cheap. You could probably find other ‘products’ that’ll get you similar results for cheap. The pie, like the real crack, just takes a few key ingredients. You only need cocaine and baking soda to make crack, while you mostly just need sugar, butter, and cream to make crack pie.

So for the holiday season, if you need a new show to watch and need something to make your belt tighter, I suggest both The Wire and crack pie. Just try not to end up an addict like Anderson Cooper.

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