Momofuku Ssam Bar Review: Momofuku Saam Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar Review: Momofuku Saam Bar

Momofuku Saam Bar was the highly anticipated follow-up for chef David Chang. He has won James Beard awards and basically has become the darling chef of the New York. I was curious about the hype and visited in the day, when the lunch menu included the saam, which is basically an awesome Asian burrito. After consumption of said burrito, I could only agree with Midtown lunch, a branch of the saam bar would be great all over the city, especially in midtown.

For about $10 dollars, the Momofuku saam was not cheap by absolute measures. However, their burrito was probably one of the most unique burritos I have ever had. The ingredients list was as follows: rice, hoisin, edamame, roasted onions, kimchee puree, pickled shitake mushrooms, and pork. In addition to the uniqueness, the saam was also ginormous. (Yes, that’s a real word). Given all the factors considered, since it would be impossible to find the same burrito at Chipotle, it was an average deal.

The other star on the menu? The pork buns. My problem really started there. First off, those were probably the most delicious pork buns of my life. At $8 for two buns, the problem was that I paid $4 dollars per bun. How retarded was I? No pork bun could be worth $4 dollars unless inflation quadrupled over night. Everyone loves Momofuku pork buns. You know what Alan Greenspan would call this outrage and fervor for David Chang’s buns? Irrational exuberance. Sure, it was delicious, but you gotta be outta your mind to pay that much for a bun. A BUN. You could go into a night market in China, Taiwan, or Singapore and find a bun for a quarter. Four dollars! Gah!

I would probably revisit Momofuku Saam Bar again for the awesome burrito since it is a relative bargain. The buns? Yea, maybe for a special occasion.

Momofuku Ssam Bar207 2nd Avenue.New York, NY 10003212-254-3500

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