More seafood at lunch and Pointe du Grouin

More seafood at lunch and Pointe du Grouin

Any time a city boy can wake up and chunk bread at willing sheep in the morning is a good morning. I mean that in the most literal sense. Steph’s parents have (from what I can see) two sheep next door. They were just hanging around and we gave them some bread and they ate it pretty hastily. Also they got scared before and after we gave them the bread. Scardy cats. Anyway, we followed that up with a lunch at a seafood restaurant that sat on the beach at St. Malo, France.

Steph had been here once before and told me about the large portions, so I tried to go with not-super-filling type of thing for appetizers. Oysters generally fall under that category. These were also oysters from Cancale, but obviously not as fresh as the one from the seafood/shellfish store we got for Xmas. They were a size 2, and larger than what we had previously and still briny and delicious. Soft things that taste of the sea? Yes please.

For the main course I got the salted cod that was rehydrated. As a dumb American, the only salted cod that I know is usually served shredded and usually as a spread on bread. For this version they must have either soaked the fish in water for a while or it wasn’t as dry as what I normally think salted cod would be. It went well with the potatoes which seem to lack seasoning, so it made a lot of sense together.

Steph got the sole meuniere and like she had told me, the portion was large. They served the entire fish to her, and the one bite I tried had something like ten or twelve tiny bones in there. The flavor was just phenomenal though, because hey, BUTTER SAUCE.

I finished off my meal with a creme brulee which was probably double the size as what any normal New York restaurant would offer, but that’s one of the nice thing about eating in a small city! I had no complaints and it was as expected because normally even an average meal on vacation tastes pretty awesome, cuz you know, VACATION.

After lunch we checked out a lookout point called Pointe du Grouin. It was really nice to look out into the deep waters and see the sunset with wifey and in-laws. The older that I get, the more I notice my parents and her parents getting older, and it puts more perspective on things that are important in life. Holding onto a life in New York City when we’re relegated to a neighborhood like Washington Heights, which is OK, not good, not great. It really paints the picture like, WTF?

I actually overheard a classmate in class who said he got a new job at some bank and he got paid 17k more than a graduate with a bachelor’s degree because he started grad school. Granted, that guy got the highest grade in the midterm and probably isn’t a chump, but maybe I can try to get a better job after grad school and leave New York. I keep talking about it, because I think the more I talk about, the more likely it’s going to happen. Oprah is never wrong right? I think I heard that on the Oprah Network, which is a blazing success.

Posted by Danny on December 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm

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