Narcissa Review: I have to stop eating brunch

Narcissa Review: I have to stop eating brunch

Recently I’ve begun to religiously watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Some folks say they watch every night but maybe one night you’re tired or there’s something else on Netflix and you skip that night. But I download them and watch it on the commute, so I really do watch every single episode… for the last four months. And the take away from that is that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do a fairly good facsimile of what ‘real news’ covers. I supplement my Comedy Central consumption with headline scanning from The New York Times, and if something really big breaks, at least someone will mention it on Twitter. That makes me wonder how informed does one really need to be? And since that’s the stance I take on hard news, my view on food news is even less stringent. I used to read grubstreet and eater daily! Multiple times a day! Now I barely read them multiple times a week! So yea, Narcissa seemed as good of a place to eat brunch a few weeks ago because I no longer need to stay on top of food news? NYTimes reviewed it five months ago? That’s recent enough for me!

Of course the restaurant that got some attention for a carrot wellington would cause us to order pretty much zero vegetables. Why? Because that’s how brunch works. It’s not like you wake up on the weekend and just dream about turnips. No, you dream about pastries, and that’s why we started with a box of miniature donuts.

We did manage to get some vegetable into our brunch because the burger came with french fries. Yup, the all-american vegetable that we love feeding kids is also good for adults on the weekends when the sun is still up. The burger and fries came with some sort of spicy-ish aioli, or what normal folks call mayo. Steph seemed to enjoy her burger and fries.

I on the other hand fell for, again, the oldest trick. When there’s ‘egg, sausage gravy’, it’s not the same as ‘egg, sausage, and gravy.’ Man, my English teachers were right, one comma does make all the difference in the world. Both phrases come with egg, but the former phrase comes with sausage gravy, which I presume is gravy made with some bits of sausage. While the latter phrase is sausage (mmmm), and some gravy (preferably made with some sausage). Unfortunately since I’m a frequent internet user, I scan and my lackluster brain filled in that comma. I really thought there would be sausage… anyway, Narcissa is ok. The backyard I’m sure is super nice in the spring and summer. Every week I tell myself that I’ll start reviewing food for lunch again, but that ain’t happening when I feel so lazy. Maybe it’s all that TV I watch on the subway…

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