New Malaysia Restaurant Review: Baby Oyster omelet at New Malaysia

New Malaysia Restaurant Review: Baby Oyster omelet at New Malaysia


Do you ever bring leftovers home, and your roommate walks by and goes, “Yo our fridge smells. What is that?!” Oh, just anchovies fried with shrimp paste. No biggie. Last week I tried the oyster omelet at Jobee’s. I was a fan of the Taiwanese style of oyster omelet, with corn starch. Then Ming told me that New Malaysia also has a good oyster omelet. I had to go investigate.

I decided to have an entire meal from the appetizer menu at New Malaysia. To start off, I got some roti canai, or Indian Pancake. The warm, soft, thin pancake is perfect for soaking up the bowl of chicken curry. I’m not versed on the intricacies of various types of roti canai, and this one tasted perfectly fine. It’s almost become a must-order at any Malaysian restaurants.


After that, I went for some ikan bilis. It was my first time ordering it at New Malaysia, or any Malaysian place for that matter. It’s anchovies that’s fried with shrimp paste, with some red onions scattered in there. This is what my roommate thought smelled funny. If you’re one of those people who can eat bowls upon bowls of rice, this dish is your friend. The shrimp paste fried anchovies make these little fish crunchy and salty, the perfect companion for soft, fluffy carbs. This dish probably offers very little in nutritional value besides tasty sodium, but I love it. They list it as an appetizer, but you probably shouldn’t eat this on its own. Get this with rice for sure.


And then the star of the party, the reason for my visit arrived. Omelet with baby oysters. At first sight, this differed from the Taiwanese version because New Malaysia used more eggs and the sauce comes on the side. Their sauce had a similar taste profile as the one at Jobee’s except it was darker in color and tasted more sweet. There’s also no corn starch and no spinach. Instead, they used chives. With more eggs, no corn starch, and chives, this oyster omelet was way easier to cut. It’s not as sloppy or goopy as the Taiwanese version, but it also lacks crunch. Very enjoyable and I would get this again as well.

This was actually too much food for me and it became my lunch the next day. Pretty tasty stuff. I also wondered why after all these years, I never ordered something like ikan bilis until this week. Malaysian restaurants have menus like Chinese restaurants. They’re always a few pages and separated by food types (beef, chicken, seafood, etc). How often do good things get lost in a big menu? Foodies are always clamoring for the next special spot or the secret hole in the wall. Maybe good food is at these restaurants we go to, and we just have to pick some new things on the menu.

Oh and to promote those liberal, renegade judges… and to piss off conservatives, and to litter my food blog with political news… I think today is a great day in Iowa’s history. Check out at the BBC. I’m really curious what the polls are in Iowa, about what the average Iowan thinks about all this. So I went and googled the Des Moine Register, which is the newspaper there. In 2008, they conducted a poll. “In the poll, 62 percent of Iowans said they believed marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Thirty-two percent said they believed same-sex marriages should be allowed, while 6 percent were unsure.”

See people, there is something that bugs me more than food moralists… it’s freedom killers aka anti-gay marriage folks. Seriously. I don’t subscribe to this pro- or anti- names that are politically correct. If there’s something I learned from the Bush administration, it’s to name your shit correctly (see No Child Left Behind and Patriot Act). BTW, let’s play ad-lib. As governmental policy, we’re going to allow the creation of two separate but equal _________ and one is for _________ and the other is for _________ but remember, they’re equal. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I remember my history books saying if you replace the blanks with ‘bathrooms’, ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ then it’s Constitutionally incorrect. I agree with that. But if you replace the blanks with ‘union types’, ‘straight people’ and ‘gay people’ then Barack Obama is all cool wit that.

There are people in this country who want to rob and steal freedom and happiness from others. They like to hide behind a story written thousands of years ago, as if this country is solely based upon which ever story they choose to believe. Who are they to take away something that every citizen should rightly have? It’s bullshit. And I’ve said it again and will continue to say it. I’m glad that people like the 62 percent Iowans against gay marriage will eventually die (old age, disease, etc). Freedom killers and happiness robbers will grow old and die. Hopefully so will their stupid ideas. And when that happens, I’ll probably be old and dead too. But in the event I’m still around, that’s when I can enjoy my baby oyster omelets in peace.

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Posted by Danny on April 3, 2009 at 4:45 pm


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