Num Pang Review: Num Pang pork belly sandwich

Num Pang Review: Num Pang pork belly sandwich

Do people ever read you so poorly, that they just ask a question that might be normal for other people, but ridiculous for you? Since I have problems with decision making, I often like to ask the server or counterperson for suggestions or recommendations. After all, these people work there, and they should kind of know what is good on the menu. This past weekend I went to Num Pang and asked the counter person for a suggestion between two of the sandwiches. Pork belly vs catfish. Obviously, these were two completely different type of proteins. The woman was a little confused because I guess a more normal question would be like, “Do I get the pulled pork or the pork belly?” Instead I like to come in from left field. So she’s trying to explain this to me, and then she said to me, “Are you familiar with pork belly? If you’re watching your weight, the pork belly is the fattier one.”

Now as you all know, I’m carefully watching my weight. There’s a reason why I only eat slow food. Sustainable, organic veggies. Calorie watching. Try not to eat too fast, which is why I pause to take pictures of my food. This way I don’t fucking eat it all at once. No, wait a minute. I’m not watching my weight (much to the chagrin of my mother and girlfriend). This question threw me off, but I just told her yea, that’s cool. I’ll take the bacon sandwich please.

The pork belly sandwich is pretty delicious. It’s completely dripping with fat and grease though. In retrospect, the woman behind the counter gave expert advice on the actual sandwich. Although it obviously doesn’t apply to me. They smear some chili mayo on the toasted bread, and that really helps to give the sandwich an extra oomph. Price wise, this compares to getting two pork buns from Momofuku. For $8 dollars, I think you’re getting a good deal because you can make a meal out of this sandwich, and the quality of the pork belly is comparable to the Momo. It’s a different kind of beast, and you’re getting a larger chunk of meat. And let’s face it, pork belly is pretty delicious no matter how you do it.

After the delicious, porky meal, I went back to Num Pang to get some shaved ice. This time I didn’t ask for a suggestion and just went with the one that featured lemongrass, lime, and lychee. I thought I knew what lemongrass tasted like, but I couldn’t really place the flavor in the shaved ice. The syrup tasted of lime and was a little bitter. Perhaps that’s the contribution of the lemongrass, but I couldn’t be sure. Even though the sandwich was a success at Num Pang, I would have to say the shaved ice was just so-so. Of course if I had diligently read Serious Eats, then I would have known that no one likes the lemongrass, lime with lychee flavor.

And I leave you today with the video I took last week of two different types of ‘seafood’ snacks. The word seafood is kind of loosely thrown in there. These snacks don’t actually taste anything like seafood (fortunately). They are however, very delicious. Maybe it’s because I’m used to them and grew up eating them, but I particularly like the shrimp ones. They get me every time.

Num Pang21 E 12th St.New York, NY 10003212-255-3271

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