Oko Review: Oko is hollow

Oko Review: Oko is hollow

Another joint along restaurant row in Park Slope is the semi-new frozen yogurt place, Oko. The place is pretty green, both literally and in their attempt to save the planet. When I went there, they had the original flavor and two flavors of the day, which were Key lime and Wildberry. I asked for a sample of the flavors of the day, and both were pretty good, but I went with the original in the largest size.

[Note: Always go for the original at KFC, unless you’re at Popeyes, then anything goes. Oh wait, a food blog that mentions KFC? Call the fat police! ahhhh!!!!]

The yogurt comes with one topping, and as you can see, my choice was raspberry. My friends also got the same, except with Wildberry frozen yogurt. It’s all pretty good to me. The thing about a really large cup is that they sell you a lot of air. What’s up with that? Someone want to tell me why my frozen yogurt is soulless and hollow on the inside? If I want soulless, hollow, and vacuous, I’ll go look at Britney Spears pictures online.

Anyway, there’s a frozen yogurt war going with Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Yolato (don’t go to Yolato’s website though, because they play some tacky music. Someone tell them it’s not 1996 on the internets anymore). Oko is trying to be the one that’s good for the earth. They show you messages on their stools to make a point.

And then they put this huge flat panel TV up. Last time I checked, LCDs and Plasmas take a of of energy to produce and recycling is not exactly easy peezy.

Anyway, I like Oko, will go back to the place, but something about their message gets to me. Whatever, something about KFC’s chickens scare the crap outta PETA, but I eat it with delight.

Oko152 5th Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11215718-398-3671

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