One Dim Sum in Hong Kong

One Dim Sum in Hong Kong

When I think about how much effort I’ve put forth in life, the period that contained the most effort was high school because it seemed like college was supposed to be this magical thing. Higher education was supposed to be better than baby unicorns. To some degree, I bet restaurants get that sense that when they’re just starting out, it’s important to hit the high notes. You gotta hand it to those restaurants who keep a high level year after year. In 2012, One Dim Sum in Hong Kong got a Michelin star, which meant that in 2012, there were TWO one star dim sum restaurants. Sadly that star got reduced and in 2013 they are merely Bib Gourmand. But it’s still worth checking out because it’s another dim sum restaurant that serves up exceptional food at really excellent price points. Basically when food is good and cheap, it’s easier to enjoy yourself. And since these busy dim sum restaurants do not have reservations, it democratizes the system so only those who want to wait will eat there.

Since this was our second dim sum meal in Hong Kong, we ordered some different things. The stick rice wrapped with lotus leaf was something of an accident for us. I picked it because I misread the English and since I cannot read Chinese, it wasn’t actually what I expected. Nevertheless, this was super delicious and made the meal very filling. Something about sticky rice that makes your stomach feel like cement.

Another thing that was a result of me not being able to read. Rice rolls. Usually in NY, I get rice rolls only if it has shirmp in it. I didn’t see that on the menu at Tim Ho Wan, although I guess they have a version with dried shrimp. And I also wanted to avoid the rice roll with fried crueller in the middle because I didn’t want to have too much carb. Well, it ended up just being plain rice noodles. They were super fresh and awesome, but if I could read… And that’s the other thing about Hong Kong. For a city where English is posted on nearly all printed things, the times when you can actually get someone who can speak English to help you out? Pretty much zero when ordering in a dim sum restaurant.

The shumai at One Dim Sum was as good as the ones at Tim Ho Wan – fresh and delicious. This was just more proof that maybe dim sum carts are just for our brains, the same way some vegetarians need their seitan shaped like chicken nuggets.

We hit up dessert items more at One Dim Sum, try their custard buns and sesame balls. There was some bullshit article in slate the other day about how we should stop making metaphors to women when we write about food. And that it further objectifies women. Like, there’s nothing wrong with says baos are as soft as a woman’s breasts. You know why? Because that’s a very special texture that women know what it feels like and men know what it feels like. What, you want me to be all like oh now, it feels like… a bag of sand? Get the fuck outta here. Losers.

Oh and look at the inside of the custard bun. So awesome, so luscious… It feels just like aisle 3 at Home Depot. Fucktards.

We also got an order of these lil balls of awesome and they’re filled with black sesame paste. These are super awesome at a dim sum place that doesn’t use push carts because they are way fresher. And anything deep fried is best eaten fresh too so this was just the best. Michelin star be damned.

Justlookatthatshit. Reminds me of a feminist. Wait what? Makes no sense? EXACTLY.

Posted by Danny on August 13, 2013 at 3:24 pm

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