Food in Mouth

Bacon club

Since I am lazy, today I got my friend Jonathan to write a post for me. The pictures are his as well. Basically this entire post is him and I am just lounging around doing nothing. Anyway, here you go. My fridge is full of bacon. And ham. Not that I’m complaining; it’s more of a fact that anything. It’s overflowing with pig. It started with a simple idea for a Christmas gift after reading Peter Kaminsky’s ode to pork, Pig Perfect. In it, he writes about his first experience with a Newsom country ham. The ham, which aged dutifully in the cool swampy low grounds of Kentucky for months, develops in flavor as it ages. After reading about these simple country hams cured with only salt, sugar and hickory smoke I knew what I had to do: send 16 pounds of meat product to my...